Co-operatives Act No. 14

South Africa

(enacted in 2005)

The Co-operatives Act No. 14 provides for the formation and registration of co-operatives in South Africa, as well as for the establishment of a Co-operatives Advisory Board. Some microfinance providers in South Africa are organized as cooperatives, and to that extent they are governed by this act. 

The act is organized as follows:

  • Chapter I Definitions, Purpose and Applications of Act;
  • Chapter 2 Registration, Constitution, Powers of Co-operative and Registered Office, and Record Keeping by Co-operative;
  • Chapter 3 Membership of Co-operatives;
  • Chapter 4 General Meetings;
  • Chapter 5 Management of Co-operatives;
  • Chapter 6 Capital Structure;
  • Chapter 7 Audit of Co-operatives;
  • Chapter 8 Amalgamation, Division, Conversion and Transfer;
  • Chapter 9 Winding-Up and De-Registration of Co-operatives;
  • Chapter 10 Judicial Management;
  • Chapter 11 Administration of Act;
  • Chapter 12 Co-operatives Advisory Board; and
  • Chapter 13 Miscellaneous Provisions.

The schedules are:

  • Schedule 1 Special Provisions Relating to Certain Kinds of Co-operatives; and
  • Schedule 2 Laws repealed by Section 98.