Charitable and Religious Trusts Act


(enacted in 1920)

The Charitable and Religious Trusts Act provides more effectual control over the administration of charitable and religious trusts in India. Microfinance NGOs in India register as either societies, trusts, or Section 25 companies. 

This act is organized as follows:

  1. Short title and extent;
  2. Interpretation;
  3. Power to apply to the Court in respect of trusts of a charitable or religious nature;
  4. Contents and verification of petition;
  5. Procedure on petition;
  6. Failure of trustee to comply with order under section 5;
  7. Powers of trustee to apply for directions;
  8. Costs of petition under this act;
  9. Saving;
  10. Power of courts as to costs in certain suits against trustees of charitable and religious trusts;
  11. Provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure; and
  12. Barring of appeals.

This document was obtained from the following source:,1920.