BPRD Circular No. 13 (fair debt collection guidelines)


(enacted in 2008)

BPRD Circular No. 13 of 2008 (fair debt collection guidelines), issued by the State Bank of Pakistan, set the minimum standards to be observed by Banks/DFIs in order to address the grievances of customers/borrowers.

These guidelines address several issues such as:

  • Providing information to the customers on their payments that are past due before proceeding with debt collection/recovery;
  • Ensuring that customers are not contacted at an inconvenient time and that the bank fully discloses its identity;
  • Properly recording collection calls and visits, and ensuring that collection staff do not harass their family members;
  • Adopting a code of lawful conduct;
  • Introducing a well-defined mechanism for addressing complaints, and
  • Regularly monitoring the activities of collection/recovery staff/agencies.