Current Board and Leadership Team

The following team of students and professors will be leading and advising the development of BUBA:

Leadership Team

  • Nathan Bernard (’12) BU SMG ITEC
  • Erik Molander BU SMG ITEC, Strategy & Innovation

Student Leadership Team

  • Christine Yi: Finance and Law SMG ‘15
  • Matthew Cox: Finance and Strategy MBA ‘13
  • Tiffany Israel: Marketing and Strategy MBA ‘13
  • Jacob Geller: Development Economics CAS ‘14


  • Kristen McCormack: BU SMG Graduate Public Non-Profit Program
  • Peter Russo: Director, BU SMG Graduate Entrepreneurship Program
  • Ian Mashiter: Master Lecturer, BU SMG Graduate and Undergraduate Strategy
  • Beth Goldstein: Professor of Entrepreneurism and Small Business Expert


  • Kenneth Freeman: Dean, BU School of Management and Strategic Expert
  • David Stolow: Director, BU SMG Graduate Public Non-Profit Program and Development Expert
  • Evelyn Darling: Director, Fields Corner Main Street and Community Expert
  • Alana Olsen: Director, Allston Village Main Street and Community Expert
  • Doreen Traecy: Director, Dotwell and Community Expert
  • Denise Chew: CEO, Loupe Consulting and Small Business Technology Expert