Banking & Global Finance Seminar

Around the world, economies continue to straddle the line between weak recovery and further recession. This is especially true in Europe, where the future of the Euro remains uncertain, and Europe itself struggles to address an array of severe economic and financial challenges. In this environment, journalism plays a critically important and powerful role in communicating to the public details about the economic crisis, the nature of the risk and possible solutions debated by policymakers.

To empower more informed, and therefore more influential reporting, Banco Santander sponsored the Banking & Global Finance Seminar, in collaboration with the Center for Finance, Law & Policy and BU’s College of Communication.

This training seminar was for international journalists to improve their understanding, analysis and reporting on a number of critical challenges facing today’s local and global economies. A number of training sessions were held over the course of four days on subjects including systemic risk & capital requirements, investigative journalism, risk management, banking supervision, pension & savings risk, shadow banking & regulatory reform. The program included site visits to local print and electronic media outlets.

Distinguished speakers included a number of BU professors such as Louis Ureneck, Margaret Mulvihill, Mark Williams, Zvi Bodie, and Cornelius Hurley, and industry experts such as Ernest Patrikis, Mark Gim, William Mayer, Joshua Benton, Ronald S. Borod, and Richard Whiting.

Earning a certificate to mark the completion of this intensive program, participants returned to their home countries better equipped to inform the public.