Africa Rising Lecture Series

Africa Rising

A new reality has emerged. Around the world, Developing Countries are no longer thought of primarily in terms of devastation, unrest and poverty. While there is still much work to be done in development, poverty alleviation, human rights and other areas of critical concern, Developing Countries have boldly redefined themselves as safe, stable places to live and work.

This is especially true in Africa. Africa is a tremendously diverse land with vibrantly different cultures and economies. South Africa alone has 11 official languages, which still does not include all of the spoken local languages and dialects. But the common thread uniting all of these countries and regions is an unwavering, even stubborn, rejection of the stereotypical image of Africa as a land of civil wars, starving masses, and backwards governments. While some of those problems do persist, they are increasingly an exception in the New Africa. For example, and as discussed in the videos listed below, Africa has proven itself to be a place to invest, and also a source of funds for investing in Developed Countries. The African People continuously demand peaceful elections and transitions of power, and are taking the lead in promoting human rights.

To put a spotlight on this, the New Africa, the Center for Finance, Law & Policy has created the Africa Rising Lecture Series. This series brings high profile speakers to discuss various aspects of the New Africa, and Her rise to prominence on the World stage. Past lectures in this series are posted below. To ensure that you are aware of upcoming lectures and other events, please contact us so that we can add you to our mailing list.

South Africa Rising: South Africa joins BRIC Countries as a leading emerging economy, featuring Ebrahim Rasool, Ambassador of South Africa to the United States.

The Strategic Implications of China’s Growing Trading Partnership with Africa, featuring Johnny Moloto, South African Deputy Chief of Mission to the United States.

Advancing Security, Dignity and Growth, featuring Fatou Bensouda, newly named Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court.

Related: Remittances, Diaspora and Microfinance for Financial Inclusion, featuring Donald Terry, BU Center Senior Fellow.  See also: AfDB stresses importance of remittances and microfinance for financial inclusion, Donald Terry quoted.