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We invite you to engage in the ongoing dialogue about the critical financial and economic concerns of our day.  The CFLP promotes open discourse through a variety of public forums, including lectures, seminars and conferences.  Please review our Calendar for a complete listing of upcoming events sponsored by the CFLP and our Partners.

Missed part of the discussion?  Our “past” events are of “current” significance.  Please feel free to catch up by watching our recorded lectures (below).

The Icelandic Banking Crisis: Causes and Recovery

October 16th, 2015in Events

School of Law, 765 Commonwealth Ave, Room 211

Wednesday October 21st, 2015 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Please join us for a public talk by Dean Eyvindur G. Gunnarsson of the University of Iceland Law School on the causes of the banking crisis in Iceland and recovery efforts. Dean Gunnarsson was intricately involved in the post-crisis policymaking process and has closely followed the response by the U.S.  and the rest of the world to the financial crisis. He sees danger signs that reforms in the U.S. and across the world have not been sufficient to avert a similar crisis from occurring in the future.

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Society of Grownups at Boston University

October 14th, 2015in Events

SoG Promo

Society of Grownups at Boston University!

Dear Students,

Between classes, final exams, and applying for your first job (don’t forget to do that), there’s this whole other world to think about: adulthood. We get it. It’s pretty intimidating. That’s why we’re here.
Before you leave the beautiful Boston University campus, we’d love to give you a bit of a roadmap. Not the whole map (that depends on where you want to go), but at least the first few steps.
Can’t make it while we’re on campus? No problem. Come check out a class for free–simply register for any class at and use code BU2015 at checkout (real grownups love free stuff).
Here’s the lineup of events. Oh, and pizza will be served. You didn’t really think we’d come in without pizza, did you? To attend either class, please create a free account and register at
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at We can’t wait to see you soon!

March 31st
Yawkey Center (100 Bay State Road), The Link / Noon – 2 pm
Who are we, anyway? Come say hello and find out what we’re all about. Spoiler alert: there will be swag.


April 7th, 2015
53 Bay State Road, 1st Floor / 7 – 9 pm
You can find plenty of people willing to offer advice about how to live within your means. But the real secret to wrangling your budget is to live within your priorities and goals. Whether you’re a spender or a saver, we’ll help you figure out where your money goes, and how you can make sure it’s helping you live life on your own terms.

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April 9th, 2015
10 Buick St., G-13 / 7-9pm
Searching for a job can be a daunting task. When applying for a job, you may consider the commute, the culture, the mission of the organization, the benefits, and, of course…the salary. But how do all these options really affect your day-to-day life? Learn to assess a potential job opportunity from a holistic perspective, taking into account your current financial picture, your goals, and how each job fits into both.

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About Society of Grownups

Society of Grownups is a learning initiative created to help people through the challenges and changes in life that no one likes to talk about–the hard parts of adulthood that everyone assumes everyone else has figured out. It’s a place–in Brookline and online–dedicated to providing financial literacy to a range of adults on issues like paying down debt, saving for a down payment and planning for the future. We’re also a place to learn about the somewhat lighter challenges of adulthood, like how to travel on a budget and how to network.
We’re located in Brookline and offer classes, chats, supper clubs, guest speaker events and one-on-one sessions with financial planners in our Brookline space, as well as a variety of online tools at SocietyofGrownups.

Conference on Financial Stability & Asset Management

March 23rd, 2015in Events


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March 11, 2015

Address: 1 Silber Way, Boston, MA, 02215
9th Floor, Boston University Metcalf Trustee Center

Please join us on March 11, 2015 for an in-depth discussion of an issue vital to the future of our financial system at the Conference on Financial Stability & Asset Management, organized by the Investment Company Institute and the Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy.

This daylong conference will bring together policymakers, academics, legal experts, and executives from the mutual fund, asset management, and banking industries to discuss the current regulatory debate-in the United States and globally-over the role of asset management in economic growth and financial stability, and how to address regulators’ systemic concerns in this sector. We’ll feature a dialogue between SEC Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher and Sir Paul Tucker, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, on the differing perspectives of capital markets and banking regulation. Additional panels will discuss how capital markets regulation can address systemic concerns; what prudential supervision would mean for asset management; and the outlook for regulation in this area.As the Financial Stability Oversight Council and the Financial Stability Board consider their next steps in addressing asset management, this Conference could not be more timely. We hope you’ll join us for a lively and illuminating discussion.

Registration is available on the Conference website:



March 9th, 2015in Events


The African financial services landscape is rapidly changing and the world is noticing. One area of such strong growth is the innovative mobile money industry that was initially developed to cope with local inadequacies, but increasingly offers adaptable models and a host of lessons for the rest of the world. Finance and technology executives in many countries are turning their attention to Africa’s explosive mobile money market and wondering if its successes can be replicated in new markets, including those of the prosperous West as well as of other developing countries like Brazil and India.
This seminar features an overview of innovative mobile money practices in Africa and their contributions to the advancement of community banking in its various forms. It explores the enriching and adaptable prospects of some of these homegrown initiatives for global mobile banking business. The seminar on Innovative Mobile Banking Systems is being hosted by the African Graduate Law Students in honor of Donald Terry (Lecturer in Law, Graduate Program in Banking & Financial Law), for his contributions to the financial inclusion theory and practice.  The seminar includes presentations by Donald Terry, Dr. Daivi Rodima-Taylor of the BU Center for Finance, Law & Policy, and is moderated by James E. Scott, Director, Graduate Program in Banking & Financial Law, BU School of Law.


Date:              March 17, 2015

Time:             12:30 – 2:00 p.m.
Venue:           School of Law, Redstone Building, Function Room 214

Presenters: Donald F. Terry (BU School of Law)

                        Dr. Daivi Rodima-Taylor (BU CFLP)

Moderator: James E. Scott (BU School of Law)


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