Center Associates

Morin Center Associates Program

Statement of Purpose

The Morin Center Associates Program is established to allow staff of the Review of Banking and Financial Law to engage in activities of the Morin Center and, in so doing, enhance their educational experience while contributing to the outputs of the Center.

Morin Center Associates Eligibility and Selection

All members of the RBFL staff who have expressed an interest to the Center in participating in the program are eligible for designation as “Morin Center Associates”. Associates will be designated in writing by the Director of the Center in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief of the RBFL. Tenure as an Associate will continue until the Associate’s graduation. Associates names and brief biographies will be included on the Center’s website as resources of the Center.

Responsibilities and Opportunities of Morin Center Associates

Associates will have the opportunity to contribute to ongoing programs, research, and projects of the Center. The work product of Associates may include their existing obligations as members of the RBFL staff; however, it may also include responsibilities in addition to those obligations. Associates will work closely with Center senior staff, faculty or members of the Center’s Board of Advisors. Representative assignments include the following:

· Organization and administration of conferences and seminars

· Targeted research in connection with course offerings in the Graduate Program in Banking and Financial Law

· Research and writing in connection with sponsored research projects of the Center

· Liaison with other units of the University in furtherance of the Center’s “One BU” strategy

· Representation of the Center at programs and events on and off campus

· Participation in Center-led task forces as may be instituted from time to time.

Associates will be designated on an as needed basis. It is anticipated that from four to six RBFL staff will carry this designation at any one time.