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Welcome to the Center for Finance, Law & Policy

Thank you for visiting the Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy.  The CFLP has a variety of initiatives that include research, public events, and other types of projects that address today’s challenges in finance, regulation, banking, financial inclusion and related areas.  We work with experts from across the component Schools and Colleges that make […]

An Alternative Plan to Fix TBTF: Lay Big Banks’ Subsidy Bare

From American Banker By Barbara A. Rehm July 24, 2013 Ending “too big to fail” may be the single public policy goal that everyone in financial services agrees on. Obama administration officials, federal regulators, lawmakers from both parties, even executives at the largest banks are united: the government shouldn’t ride to the rescue every time […]

Impact Media

International Education Program in Economics Journalism         ImpactMedia is an international education pilot of the Foundation for Effective Governance created to foster quality economics journalism in Ukraine. The key idea is providing access to top-notch international training in the area of economics journalism to Ukrainian reporters and editors. ImpactMedia resulted from a […]

Systemic risk? Measure the subsidy and not the capital

From the Financial Times. Sir, Your editorial paean to bank leverage ratios (July 11) is undermined by your report on the same day describing how US banks intend to shuffle assets around to avoid the new rules. We should have learnt by now that capital ratios, whether risk-weighted or leverage, are not the cure for […]

Your Financial Life Explained

CAS economics class teaches key life lessons From BU Today By Leslie Friday June 14, 2013 The course description for Aaron Stevens’ economics class should read: “Take this and you’ll be prepared for every decision you make from now until death.” That may be a tad dramatic, but it’s not far off base, considering that […]

Professor Ronald S. Borod receives a Burton Award

New York, New York: The finest law firm writers of 2013 have been announced by the Burton Awards, a non-profit program, which is run in association with the Library of Congress. The thirty winners were, once again, chosen from the nominations submitted by the nation’s top 1,000 most prestigious and largest law firms. The fourteenth […]

James E. Scott to Head BU Law’s Banking & Financial Law Program

Former Morgan Stanley chief regulatory lawyer named director of graduate program Boston University School of Law is pleased to announce that James E. Scott, the former chief regulatory counsel of Morgan Stanley and general counsel of Morgan Stanley Bank, N.A., has been named director of the Graduate Program in Banking & Financial Law, effective May 15. […]