Author: Ja-Ho King

Beware Of Bitcoin

From Cognoscenti By Mark T. Williams December 5, 2013 Bitcoin is not a futuristic currency but a speculative mania. Greed is pushing prices skyward but fear will quickly bring those same prices crashing back to earth. Investors need to separate the promising technological innovation of digital currency from the Bitcoin Ponzi scheme that will harm […]

Bitcoin guru puts in two cents about digital currency

From Boston Herald By Jordan Graham November 5, 2013 Bitcoin — the digital currency produced by solving complex math problems with computers — has a place on Main Street, according to a local startup founder who is determined to carve that place out. Jeremy Allaire, founder and CEO of Circle Internet Financial plans to bring […]

Building on 150 Years: The Future of National Banking

Sesquicentennial Celebration Sponsored by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy At the height of the Civil War, Congress passed and President Lincoln signed into law acts establishing a national currency, a national banking system, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency […]

International Bar Association

Banking LLM graduates reunite in Boston at the International Bar Association. From left to right: Alzbeta (Betty) Kalnova (2013), Manav Raheja (2009), Sam Mirkin (2006), Professor Cornelius Hurley, Constance Delzant (2008), Andrea Messuti (2009), and Jan Ryu Koo (2013).

‘Too Big to Fail’ or ‘Too Big to Manage’?

From Corporate Counsel By Cornelius Hurley October 3, 2013 On Thursday, former General Electric Company senior vice president-general counsel Ben Heineman Jr. posted an essay to the Harvard Business Review blog network, “Too Big to Manage: JP Morgan and the Mega Banks.”In it, he looks at the recent history of regulatory and legal issues faced […]

The Cost of Doing Bad Business – Jamie Dimon Must Go

From CommPRO By Mark T. Williams September 29, 2013 The willingness of JPMorgan’s board and shareholders to keep Jamie Dimon at the helm has become increasingly costly. Recent multibillion dollar legal settlements and the prospects of more civil and criminal actions ahead, underscore a big bank ‘gone bad.’ ‘These mounting shareholder expenses also reopen the […]

GAO Must Ensure Accurate Accounting in TBTF Study

From American Banker By Cornelius Hurley September 24, 2013 Lost in the retrospectives about the failure of Lehman Brothers five years ago is the very hopeful fact that the Government Accountability Office now is studying the “too big to fail” subsidy. It undertook this critical analysis at the behest of Sens. David Vitter (R-La.) and […]