Courses in Banking & Finance at Boston University

Throughout the BU campus, many students are interested in an array of specific issues that fall under the umbrellas of finance or banking.  However, most students are not aware of courses offerred at schools or colleges other than their own.  As part of the CFLP’s efforts ot encouraging interdisciplenary study, we have created the below catalogue that lists finance and banking courses from all of BU’s schools and colleges.

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Featured Course

Lessons from the Financial Crisis
LAW BK 971
Spring 2015

This course provides the student with a perspective on the origins of the financial crisis of 2007-2009, the response to that crisis, and the financial reform responses to the crisis be they legislative, regulatory of market-driven. The course has three parts: the Buildup, the Eye-of-the Storm, and the Response. In the first part, the causes of this and other financial crises are explored including the housing bubble, the development of the “shadow” financial system, new financial instruments, regulatory gaps and deregulation, monetary policies, compensation practices, accounting deficiencies, governance breakdowns, and more. In the second part, policy responses to the crisis are detailed such as: central bank liquidity facilities, government investment programs such as TARP, fiscal stimulus, stress-testing, enforcement actions and the lack thereof, and global coordination of responses. Finally, the course will take a high-level analytical view of the reforms prompted by the crisis. These include various systemic risk measures, guidance from the G-20 and Bank Stability Board, Basel III, the treatment of home/host country issues, and the current state-of-play of the regulation of the derivatives marketplace. A discussion format is employed to the extent feasible, and problems and illustrations are used to focus and encourage class participation. The grade is based on a final examination, class participation, and on-line inputs to weekly issues posed by the instructor after each class.



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The College of Arts and Sciences



  • CAS MA 120 – Applied Mathematics for Social and Management Sciences
  • CAS MA 568 – Statistical Analysis of Point Process Data
  • CAS MA 577 – Mathematics of Financial Derivatives
  • CAS MA 585 – Time Series and Forecasting

Political Science

  • CAS PO 302 – Campaigns and Elections Around the World
  • CAS PO 355 – International Political Economy


The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


The Metropolitan College

Actuarial Sciences

  • MET AT 990 – Seminar in Actuarial Science
  • MET AT 751 – Individual Insurance Applications of Actuarial Principles
  • MET AT 761 – Mathematics for Investment and Portfolio Theory
  • MET AT 762 – Mathematical Finance for Actuarial Science
  • MET AT 981 – Internship in Actuarial Science I
  • MET AT 982 – Internship in Actuarial Science II
  • MET AT 602 – Laboratory for Actuarial and Financial Data Analysis II
  • MET AT 721 – Mathematics of Compound Interest
  • MET AT 722 – Finance for Actuaries

Administrative Sciences


The School of Law


Business Law

  • LAW XB 815 – International Business Transactions & Agreements
  • LAW XB 816 – US Corporate Law
  • LAW XB 818 – US & International Mergers & Acquisitions
  • LAW XB 820 – Corporate Finance with U.S. and International Reporting
  • LAW XB 821 – Current Issues in U.S. Business Law Colloquium

Juris Doctor

  • LAW JD 803 – Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights
  • LAW JD 805 – Commercial Law: Secured Financing Transactions
  • LAW JD 816 – Corporations
  • LAW JD 842 – International Business Transactions
  • LAW JD 852 – Mutual Funds (Investment Companies)
  • LAW JD 864 – Government Regulation of Financial Services
  • LAW JD 872 – Financial Reporting for Lawyers
  • LAW JD 883 – Securities Regulation
  • LAW JD 919 – Negotiated Mergers & Acquisitions (S)
  • LAW JD 781 – International Taxation I: Trade, Investment and Finance
  • LAW JD 935 – Affordable Housing Law and Community Development (S)

Taxation Law

  • LAW TX 906 – International Tax I- Trade, Investment and Finance
  • LAW TX 913 – Tax Accounting
  • LAW TX 917 – Taxation of Financial Products: Policy and Theory
  • LAW TX 918 – Life Cycle of a Business Venture
  • LAW TX 924 – Corporate Reorganizations
  • LAW TX 932 – Consolidated Corporations
  • LAW TX 933 – Introduction to Corporate Tax
  • LAW TX 936 – Taxation of Bankruptcies and Workouts
  • LAW TX 937 – Taxation of Trusts and Fiduciaries
  • LAW TX 939 – International Tax II- Outbound US Taxation, the Foreign Tax Credit and Subpart F
  • LAW TX 940 – Partnership Tax II
  • LAW TX 949 – Taxation of Financial Products: Principles and Application
  • LAW TX 953 – Inbound International Taxation

The School of Hospitality Administration

  • SHA HF 210 – Financial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
  • SHA HF 310 – Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry
  • SHA HF 370 – Revenue Management and Technology
  • SHA HF 410 – Finance for the Hospitality Industry

The School of Management


  • GSM AC 710 – Financial Reporting and Control
  • GSM AC 711 – Financial Reporting and Control II
  • GSM AC 814 – Financial Statement Analysis & Investor Decisions


Health Sector

  • GSM HM 710 – Health Service Delivery: Strategies, Solutions and Execution
  • GSM HM 717 – Drugs, Devices and Diagnostics: New Challenges, Strategies and Execution


Math Finance

Operations & Technology Management

Quantitative Modeling

  • SMG QM 450 – Business Analytics
  • SMG SM 221 – Probabilistic and Statistical Decision Making for Management
  • SMG SM 222 – Modeling Business Decisions and Market Outcomes

The School of Public Health


Health Law, Bioethics & Human Rights

  • SPH LW 830 – Health Insurance, Health Reform and the Law

International Health

  • SPH IH 762 – Essentials of Economics and Finance for International Health
  • SPH IH 770 – Poverty, Health, and Development
  • SPH IH 773 – Financial Management for International Health

Public Health Core

  • SPH PH 857 – Health Economics and Financial Management for Public Health

Health Policy & Management