Remittance Flows to Post-Conflict States

Perspectives on Human Security and Development

Thursday, October 10th
10:00Am – 11:30AM
Location: Hotel Commonwealth
500 Commonwealth Avenue

Atiur RahmanFeaturing Keynote Speaker Dr. Atiur Rahman , Governor of the Bangladesh Bank.

Migrant remittances play an increasingly central role in post-conflict reconstruction and national development to population displacement; the livelihoods of those left behind vitally depend on remittance transfers. Private remittances are of central importance for restoring stability and enhancing human security in post-conflict countries. Yet the dynamics of conflict-induced remittance flows and the possibilities of leveraging remittances for post-conflict development have been very sparsely researched to date.

This Task Force Report on Remittance Flows to Post-Conflict States is the outcome of an interdisciplinary research project organized by the Boston University Center for Finance, Law & Policy, in collaboration with The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future. Convened by Boston University development economist John R. Harris and international banking expert Donald F. Terry, the Task Force was asked to research, analyze, and propose policy recommendations regarding the role of remittances in post-conflict environments and their potential to serve as a major source of development funds. The Report’s authors collectively suggest a broader approach to remittance institutions that provides flexibility to adapt to specific local practices and to make broader institutional connections in an era of growing population displacement and expanding human and capital flows. Conditions for more productive use of migrants’ remittances are analyzed while drawing upon case studies from post-conflict countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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