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July 22nd, 2013

International Education Program in Economics Journalism






ImpactMedia is an international education pilot of the Foundation for Effective Governance created to foster quality economics journalism in Ukraine.

The key idea is providing access to top-notch international training in the area of economics journalism to Ukrainian reporters and editors.

ImpactMedia resulted from a series of discussions with Ukrainian editors and media experts, who helped to identity the educational needs of Ukrainian journalists.

ImpactMedia is based on the world’s best practices. Representatives of leading international journalism schools and universities, such as Missouri School of Journalism, Boston University College of Communications, Harvard Kennedy School, and Oxford University, provided invaluable input into the design of this program.

The pilot consists of 4 modules t hat will take place in Kiev from July through November of 2013. The duration of each module is 1 week. The program format is intensive interactive seminars. The official start is July 1st, 2013.

Over 15 leading foreign journalists and experts in economics, business, and finance will be the ImpactMedia coaches . A group of 20 Ukrainian journalists will be competitively selected by international admissions committee to participate in the program.

Program participants will have an opportunity to strengthen their journalism skills , access cutting-edge knowledge in the topics of economics, business, and finance relevant to Ukraine, and learn about the best practices for covering these topics.

The Program will also include a series of discussions with key stakeholders in Ukraine’s economic development and top managers of the largest companies in the country.

Professor Louis Ureneck and Professor Cornelius Hurley are program participants.

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