Q: What will happen to Wheelock College and its programs?

A: The result of this merger will be Boston University’s new Wheelock College of Education & Human Development (Wheelock), which will be an academic unit within the University. The new college will be a merger of Wheelock’s current School of Education, Child Life, and Family Studies and BU’s School of Education. Other programs at Wheelock will be merged into reasonably similar undergraduate and graduate programs at Boston University.

Q: Who initiated the merger discussion with BU?

A: Wheelock sent a letter of inquiry to many institutions that were viewed to be the best possible fits for a merger. This was a proactive measure to identify a partner to ensure the mission of the college remained sustainable in a changing higher education landscape.

Q: Why did Wheelock look for a partner institution to merge with?

A: In considering the college’s position given changing demographics, demand of programs, cost of operations, the national higher education landscape, and projections of the next few years, it was determined that it would be in the college’s best interest to identify a partner rather than risk continuing operations as a stand-alone institution in a very uncertain time.

Q: When will the merger take place?

A: The merger will occur on June 1, 2018.

Q: Who will lead the new college?

A: Wheelock President David Chard will serve as dean ad interim of Wheelock for a period of at least two years following the merger. The dean ad interim of Wheelock will report to the University Provost and Chief Academic Officer Jean Morrison, who reports to President Robert A. Brown. Boston University is overseen by its Board of Trustees.

Q: What happens to Wheelock’s endowment?

A: Wheelock’s property and assets (including the endowment) will be assumed by BU on June 1, 2018. However, BU will use Wheelock’s endowment to support Wheelock, and any other specific designations made by Wheelock’s generous donors will continue to be honored. Although designated to support Wheelock, the Wheelock endowment will be invested and managed with BU’s endowment moving forward.

Q: Is BU financially strong?

A: Yes. BU has a strong financial rating issued by the Department of Education and has a credit rating of Aa3 from Moody’s and a rating of A+ from S&P Global Ratings. Moody’s most recent review cited BU’s continued excellent record of operating results, strengthening strategic positioning, and financial flexibility evidenced by the improvement and diversification of the University’s student market, research profile, and donor support. BU’s resources include an endowment of over $2 billion.

Q: What will happen to Wheelock’s international programs (such as academic programs in Singapore and Barbados)?

A: Students in Wheelock’s Singapore and Barbados programs will be able to complete their degrees at BU.

Campus and Facilities

Q: What will happen to Wheelock’s campus? Will the new college be relocating to BU’s campus?

A: Initially, Wheelock will remain on Wheelock’s Boston and Brookline campuses as well as on Boston University’s Charles River Campus. Long-term decisions about the location of Wheelock and the use of the Wheelock campus will be made at a later date.

Q: Will the Wheelock library retain its collection in its current location or will it be absorbed by BU’s library?

A: The Wheelock Library will be closed as of June 1, and the collection will officially become part of Boston University Libraries. A team of librarians is preparing records to appear in Boston University Libraries Search and items will be made available via online request.

Q: What will happen to the Wheelock Family Theatre?

A: Wheelock Family Theatre will become one of BU’s programs on June 1, 2018, and will continue offering a year-round slate of outstanding theatre education programs and professional productions.

Current Students and Parents


Q: Will BU become a member of the Colleges of the Fenway (COF)? I was planning to minor in something offered through the COF. Can I still do that?

A: BU will not become a member of the COF. If there are specific academic offerings you are looking for, you may explore other courses and academic programs that are offered through BU.

Q: Will current students need to apply for BU admission?

A: No. All currently enrolled students of Wheelock in good standing who wish to continue at Boston University may become students of a program within Boston University. This will occur with the approval of BU’s and Wheelock’s accreditor, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), and under the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education’s oversight of Wheelock.

Q: Will current Wheelock students who matriculate at BU be able to change their major to something that was not previously offered at Wheelock?

A: Yes. After June 1, 2018, students in good standing at Wheelock will become BU students and thus will be able to change their major consistent with the University’s enrollment policies. These policies require students to meet specific performance standards for the programs they wish to enter as well as minimum performance standards in their current program, for one full semester.

Q: When can I sign up for BU courses?

A: Fall registration is now underway. It is essential that all students work closely with their BU academic advisors to map their course requirements.

Q: I was a Wheelock graduate student who needs or wants to take classes this summer. What should I do?

A: BU is working closely with Wheelock to determine what classes will be offered this summer. If you need to take summer classes, your BU school/college will register you for the specific courses once you’ve consulted with them. Students should not register themselves for summer classes. Please use the “Contact” form for specific questions.

Q: Can Wheelock undergraduates take summer classes at BU?

A: Summer Term classes are open to all. However, BU does not offer financial assistance for summer enrollment. For undergraduate programs, the modified Wheelock tuition rate applies to fall and spring semesters. Please note that BU policy requires students (BU students as well as Wheelock students transitioning to BU) to submit payment by the relevant payment deadline in order to remain in good financial standing, to be eligible to register for future summer sessions or semesters, and to be eligible to receive a financial aid award. Finally, as is the case for classes taken during the academic year, students should always consult with their academic advisor about appropriate course selection.

Q: How will students know what courses to sign up for as the merger happens?

A: Students should work with BU academic advisors who have the most knowledge about the academic requirements and needs of students and will spend time understanding what each student’s goals are.

Q: Will credits for all courses taken at Wheelock transfer to BU?

A: Credits for all courses taken at Wheelock will be honored by BU as long as they meet the criteria for passing at Wheelock.

Q: What will happen to my coursework completed at Wheelock College?

A: All coursework, grades, majors or minors earned, distinctions, etc., will be maintained and available as part of your Wheelock academic transcript. BU will maintain these records in perpetuity, and you will be able to request a transcript online as needed for prospective employers, graduate school applications, or any other reason.

Q: Will my Wheelock grade point average be calculated into the grade point average I earn at BU?

A: No, it will not. Your Wheelock grade point average will display on your Wheelock transcript only. Your Boston University grade point average will be calculated based on Boston University coursework only. You may share both your Wheelock and Boston University grade point averages with prospective employers or educational institutions as you see fit.

Q: What if I have an external agency that requires a minimum cumulative grade point average, and only by combining my previous academic record with my BU record will I continue to qualify for a scholarship or benefit?

A: BU Financial Assistance, or another appropriate department at BU, will work with external agencies to ensure the appropriate documentation is shared to meet their purpose, and advocate if necessary toward an amicable resolution.

Q: Will my previous Wheelock academic record be considered in determining eligibility for the Dean’s List at my BU school?

A: Dean’s Lists at BU are based on a semester of work, so any prior performance is not relevant, be it from Wheelock, BU, or any other institution. Not all BU schools or colleges publish a Dean’s List and eligibility policies can vary. For more information and specific criteria, please consult the policy pages for individual schools or colleges in our Academic Bulletin.

Q: I’m doing a dual degree program. Am I still able to do the fifth-year master’s? Will the cost for the master’s be the Wheelock price or the BU price?

A: BU and Wheelock have worked to identify appropriate and reasonably similar pathways for Wheelock students in fifth-year master’s programs.

The cost of attendance for current Wheelock students who transition to BU will remain at Wheelock levels for a maximum of four years for undergraduate students and two years for graduate students, depending on their class year, with only the same annual percentage increases charged to all BU students.

In addition, any guaranteed Wheelock financial aid packages will be honored by BU. If you are an undergraduate and will complete the master’s portion of your dual degree within four years, or if you are already in the master’s portion of the dual degree program and will complete the dual degree within two years, then the master’s portion will be at Wheelock’s tuition level.

Q: What’s happening with Wheelock’s Child Life dual degree program?

A: The Child Life dual degree program is transitioning to BU.

Q: Will degrees be issued by Wheelock or BU?

A: Students who graduate in May 2018 will receive degrees from Wheelock. After June 1, 2018, students who graduate will receive degrees from BU.

Q: How do I obtain individualized advising and register for my fall classes?

A: Registration for the fall 2018 semester is underway and is open to eligible Wheelock students who have submitted a signed enrollment agreement. More details about advising and registration can be found here.

Q: What if a student doesn’t submit the Enrollment Agreement by the deadline?

A: Students should submit the agreement on time in order to be eligible to select courses for the fall semester when registration opens in April. Signing the agreement does not obligate a student to attend BU. Students who did not submit the agreement on time and wish to inquire as to whether it is still possible to transition to BU should email merger@bu.edu without delay.


Q: Will student housing be located on the current Wheelock campus or at BU?

A: Current Wheelock students will have the option to live in the residence halls on Wheelock’s current campus or to apply to live in residences on BU’s campus. However, the price Wheelock students pay for housing will remain consistent with current pricing only if the student remains in housing on the Wheelock campus. BU residences vary in price and current Wheelock students who choose current BU residences will pay the total BU housing price with no grant to cover any differential. Shuttle services will be established between Wheelock and BU’s Charles River Campus.

Returning Wheelock students will have priority access to Wheelock campus housing during room selection for fall 2018. Please note that Peabody Hall will not be available for room selection.

Returning BU students will have priority access to Student Village housing during room selection for fall 2018.

Wheelock BSW students transitioning to Simmons to complete the BSW degree have been offered the option to live on the BU campus.



Q: What are my options for dining and meal plans?

A: Every student living in dormitory-style or suite-style housing on the Wheelock or Boston University campus is required to purchase a BU Dining Plan. The BU Dining Plan provides meals and access to any of the residence dining rooms on the BU and Wheelock campus. Students can continue to dine in the Wheelock Campus Center and Student Residence or in any of the four residence dining rooms on Boston University’s Charles River Campus. BU Dining Points are part of your dining plan and can be used like cash at on-campus dining locations and for Domino’s pizza delivery. Students can also use their dining points on the Wheelock campus at Kelly’s Campus Store and the Longfellow Cafe and on BU’s Charles River Campus at the Union Court in the George Sherman Union and many other retail establishments.

Q: How can I ensure I’m maintaining a healthy diet while eating in University residence dining rooms?

A: BU Dining Services collaborates with Student Health Services and the BU Sargent Choice Nutrition Center at the College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College to provide nutrition services to BU students. Nutrition counseling is available for a variety of concerns. To schedule an individual counseling appointment, call the BU Sargent Choice Nutrition Center at 617-353-2721.


Q: What happens to Wheelock’s Division 3 varsity athletics programs?

A: Following the merger on June 1, 2018, Wheelock will be a unit within Boston University and will not have its own varsity athletic programs. Dwight Datcher, Wheelock assistant vice president for student success and director of athletics, has been in touch with student athletes about this transition.

Q: What are the athletics/sports/fitness opportunities at BU?

A: Students will have access to all the amenities available to BU students, which include intramural sports, club sports, and the option of trying out for BU’s Division 1 athletic teams. Read more about intramural sports, club sports, varsity sports, and fitness amenities at BU.


Q: How will the cost of tuition be impacted?

A: The tuition and mandatory fees for students completing their degree at Boston University will remain at Wheelock levels, except for annual increases charged to all BU students. The Wheelock pricing will continue until the student completes their degree, or hits the maximum time frame (depending on class year, as outlined in the enrollment agreement) of four years for undergraduate students and two years for graduate students. In addition, any guaranteed Wheelock Scholarships and Grants will be honored by Boston University. Students will need to reapply for federal and state financial aid funds each year by completing the FAFSA.

Q: What has been the annual increase in cost of attendance at BU compared to Wheelock?

A: The tuition increase at Boston University for each of the past three years has been between 3.7% and 3.8%. Wheelock’s recent tuition increases have been about 3% per year.

Q: What about financial aid/scholarships/grants?

A: Any previously guaranteed Wheelock financial aid packages will remain unchanged.

Q: I’m doing a dual degree program. Will my master’s be locked in at the Wheelock rate? Or will it switch to the BU rate?

A: As outlined in the enrollment agreement, if you are an undergraduate and will complete the master’s portion of your dual degree within a maximum (depending on class year) of four years or if you are already in the master’s portion of the dual degree program and will complete the dual degree within a maximum (depending on class year) of two years, then the master’s portion will be at Wheelock’s tuition rate.

Q: Is there a way for me to estimate what the cost will be for me and my family for the 2018/2019 year?

A: Yes. We’ve created a calculator here to help you figure out what your cost will be, what grants, scholarships, and other aid might be available to you, and what portion you and your family will be responsible for.

Q: What other financial information and guidance should I be aware of as I navigate the transition to BU?

A: The information here includes guidance on paying BU expenses whether you have financial aid or not, and includes a January through September timeline identifying key dates and events important for you to know.

Q: I am a Wheelock student planning to enroll at Boston University. How do I transfer my benefits to BU?

A: Visit Vets.gov and apply for a Certificate of Eligibility, if you don’t already have one, or file a 22-1995 Change of Program request to transfer benefits to BU. Email your Certificate of Eligibility to BU at veterans@bu.edu. Learn more about Veterans Benefits and Services available at BU by visiting this FAQ page.


Q: What happens to Wheelock students on leave?

A: Wheelock students who have been on leave will need to reenroll for spring 2018 and be in good standing in order to transition to Boston University on June 1, 2018.

Q: What happens to students who had deferred admission?

A: Any student who has previously been accepted, deferred, and deposited to Wheelock will be admitted by BU, provided that the University offers the student’s planned course of study and provided that the student matriculates no later than fall 2018.

Student opportunities

Q: What are the benefits to students of the merger?

A: Due to the size of BU’s student body and the expansive scope of the University’s academic offerings, current Wheelock students will have access to additional programs and services.

Q: What sorts of student organizations exist at BU?

A: Read more about BU’s student organizations on the Admissions website, or learn how you can start your own organization.


Q: Will tenured faculty be retained at BU?

A: All tenured Wheelock faculty will join BU’s faculty with either unmodified professorial titles with tenure (such as associate professor or professor) or with modified titles without tenure (such as clinical professor and professor of the practice). Each tenured faculty transition will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How will roles of Wheelock tenured faculty be determined?

A: Wheelock tenured faculty will work with BU’s Office of the Provost and appropriate school administrators to determine the teaching role they will have here.

Q: What happens to nontenured faculty?

A: The retention of nontenured Wheelock faculty members will be assessed on a case-by-case basis according to the needs of the relevant academic units within Boston University.

Nontenured Wheelock faculty who are on the tenure-track or have a full-time appointment who are retained will be credited for time served at Wheelock for purposes of retirement plan eligibility and calculation of future severance.

Q: What is happening to staff and administrators of Wheelock?

A: Administrative and operational units of Wheelock will be integrated into the equivalent units at Boston University. This integration, however, will necessarily include the identification of synergies that will result in resizing of the integrated units. The retention of Wheelock staff members will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and BU will offer Wheelock staff members appropriate positions where practicable.



Q: Will my degree still be from Wheelock College? Can I have a new BU degree/diploma issued?

A: All alumni who graduated prior to June 1, 2018, will still hold degrees from Wheelock College, not Boston University.

Q: Can I list BU as my school on my résumé?

A: You may only list BU on your résumé if you enroll in and attend Boston University after June 1, 2018. Graduates or former students of Wheelock should reference that they attended or graduated from Wheelock College.

Q: Should I list Wheelock as the source of my credential despite it no longer being an accredited institution?

A: Alumni who graduated with a diploma from Wheelock should reference that they attended/graduated from Wheelock.

Q: Where do I go to obtain a transcript?

A: Until June 1, 2018, you will contact the registrar at Wheelock. After June 1, 2018, you will be able to obtain a transcript through the registrar at Boston University.

Q: Will current Wheelock alumni now become BU alumni? Will Wheelock alumni get BU alumni benefits?

A: Following the merger, all current alumni of Wheelock will be supported and treated as alumni of Boston University and Wheelock at BU. Wheelock alumni will have access to BU alumni benefits, programs, and the extensive network of over 326,000 alumni.

Q: Will we still have Wheelock Magazine?

A: That will be determined by Wheelock and BU leadership. Wheelock will have a column in Bostonia for the next one to two years. This will help the BU community get to know Wheelock and keep alumni informed as well.

Q: Will there still be Wheelock reunions as part of BU’s reunion activities?

A: There will be a Wheelock reunion on the Wheelock campus in June 2018. After June 1, 2018, Wheelock alumni will be invited to participate in BU Alumni Weekend. Future Wheelock-specific reunion activities will be determined by BU Alumni Relations and Wheelock.

Q: I have named Wheelock in my estate plans. Do I have to change my will?

A: Wheelock’s development team will reach out to Heritage Society members to confirm their planned gifts, answer any questions, and to provide contact information for the BU planned giving team.

Q: Can I still make a gift to Wheelock?

A: Yes. Until June 1, 2018, you can make a gift to Wheelock. Beginning June 1, 2018, you will be able to designate your gift to Boston University to Wheelock. In both cases, your gifts will support the students and programs of Wheelock as designated by the donor.