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BU's annual commemoration of the life of alumnus Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., at the GSU's Metcalf Hall, on Monday, January 17, at noon.

Week of 14 January 2005· Vol. VIII, No. 15

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Sargent College’s Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. Photo courtesy of Sargent College.

To promote Sargent College’s Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, program organizers Pamela Powell, Sargent’s public relations associate (far right), and Stacey Stimets, administrator of the Nutrition and Fitness Center (second from right), gave away nutritious cookies and recipes for healthful versions of traditional holiday dishes on December 16. More than 1,100 students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of BU have committed to taking the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, a yearlong program that encourages incorporating healthful habits in everyday life. Every two weeks, participants are asked to follow a different set of lifestyle tips, and at the end of each period they fill out a questionnaire describing how well they adhered to the suggestions, making them eligible for prizes. For more information or to register for the challenge, visit www.bu.edu/sargent/challenge. Photo courtesy of Sargent College.


14 January 2005
Boston University
Office of University Relations