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Week of 27 February 2004 · Vol. VII, No. 22

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New SPH center will study youth drinking, promote public awareness

Ralph Hingson Photo by Vernon Doucette

By Brian Fitzgerald
Ralph Hingson has long been concerned about the effects of alcohol on public health, and especially on the lives of young people.


BU students make special delivery of science to public schools

At the regional GK-12 meeting's poster session on January 23 (from left): meeting organizer Bennett Goldberg, a CAS physics professor, Kelly Denney (CAS'04), a GK-12 fellow at Boston Latin School, Andrew Walsh (GRS'05), a GK-12 fellow at East Boston High School, and Malik Latif, a physics teacher at East Boston High School. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

By Brian Fitzgerald
One minute you're a graduate student, working on a master's degree in biology. Then, in some sort of weird time warp, you're in a high school classroom with a bunch of teenagers.

Persecuted Zimbabwean journalist to urge freedom and integrity in reporting

Geoffrey Nyarota

By David J. Craig
In the dusty streets of Harare, Zimbabwe's capital, rumors spread faster than the wildfires that sweep across the countryside in the summer dry season.


MED program trains culturally competent physicians

Local adherents of the Yoruba religion, which originates in Nigeria, honor Elegba, a protective deity who is the messenger of the Yoruban gods, at a feast in Jamaica Plain. Through MED's Boston Healing Landscape Project, medical anthropologists and physicians have been mapping the diverse religious and cultural healing traditions of African Diaspora communities around Boston. Photo by Eugene Adams, Jr.

By Tim Stoddard
A young Haitian mother brings her five-month-old son, Jean, into your busy urban pediatric clinic. You notice Jean is wearing a gold chain and amulet around his neck, and make a mental note to suggest that his mother remove it or pin it to his shirt so he doesn't choke on it.

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Fiber art is doc's link to Haitian homeland

Michele David. Photo by Vernon Doucette

By David J. Craig
As a physician at Boston Medical Center, Michele David keeps her Haitian heritage close to her heart: she specializes in treating Creole-speaking women, and when she's not performing physical exams and health screenings, she researches the health-care options for Caribbean women living in Boston.

Tiffany Chen (CGS'05), a member of BU's Figure Skating Club, performs at the Intercollegiate Figure Skating Competition, hosted by BU on February 21 and 22 at the Walter Brown Arena.
Ice Work

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27 February 2004
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