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Week of 30 January 2004· Vol. VII, No. 18

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Cassavetes' “lost film,” discovered by COM prof, premieres

Ray Carney, a COM professor in the department of film and television and a well-known biographer of filmmaker John Cassavetes, discovered a year ago the lost original version of Cassavetes' 1959 film Shadows. The film premiered last week at the Rotterdam Film Festival. The 16mm film, made in 1957 and 1958, had been presumed destroyed. Carney launched an exhaustive hunt for the original print after a conversation with Cassavetes shortly before his death. He contacted collectors and curators, interviewed surviving members of the cast and crew, and scoured archives. After conversations with nearly 100 people, hundreds of phone calls, letters, and e-mail inquiries, and trips to more than a dozen cities, Carney located a family who had found the film in an attic. “The 16mm print itself is too fragile and rare to be screened, but a video transfer has been made and can be projected,” says Carney. “Forty-five years after the creation of the first version, and 15 years after Cassavetes' death, the world will at last have a chance to see his first film.”

BU's Independent 529 Plan a Business Week Best Product

Boston University is among a group of colleges and universities receiving accolades in the December 15 issue of Business Week for its September 2003 launch of the Independent 529 Plan, a tax-advantaged plan for families to save for tuition at over 200 participating private colleges and universities. Named one of the magazine's Best Products of 2003, the plan was designed by a nationwide organization of colleges and universities, which worked to win approval from Congress and the IRS to get it up and running. “It has the advantages of state 529 plans,” says Douglas Brown, CEO of Independent 529 Plan, “and in addition can essentially roll back the clock on the cost of future tuition.” TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc., administers the plan. For more information, call 888-718-7878 or visit www.independent529plan.org.

CAS prof receives first APA outreach award

Herbert Golder, a CAS associate professor of classical studies, recently received the first American Philological Association Scholarly Outreach Award. The award honors people in the field of philology who make a particular aspect of classical antiquity more accessible to an audience outside their community. Golder is the editor in chief of Arion and was honored for his work on the journal, which is published at BU.


29 January 2004
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