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Week of 19 April 2002 · Vol. V, No. 31

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Panel recognizes astral advances of women in law

Elizabeth Holloway Marston (LAW'18) was the inspiration for the comic book character Wonder Woman. Here she sports an "airplane hat." (See Bostonia, Fall 2001, or visit www.bu.edu/alumni/bostonia/archive.html.) Archival photograph courtesy of Moulton "Pete" Marston

By Hope Green
Long before there was Betty Friedan, or even women's suffrage, an 1881 graduate of Boston University School of Law waged a lonely battle to become the first woman lawyer in Massachusetts. Lelia Robinson triumphed in 1882, when the state legislature unanimously passed a bill permitting women to practice law under the same conditions as men.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime
Distance education laboratory honors legacy of SED mentor

Gaylen Kelley (SED'54,'59), an SED professor emeritus, and David Whittier, an SED assistant professor of education in the department of curriculum and teaching, in the Gaylen B. Kelley Distance Education Laboratory.

By Hope Green
When Gaylen Kelley began his graduate work at BU's School of Education in 1953, slide projectors were considered a novelty in elementary schools. By the time he retired from the SED faculty in the mid-1990s, the digital age was under way, computers were everywhere, and the public was beginning to grasp the Internet's potential impact on teaching and learning.

SPH study documents college drinking hazards to campus communities By David J. Craig

Into the field with global positioning systems
By Tim Stoddard

Can you hear a color?
BU researchers explore the strange world of synesthesia

Alice Cronin-Golomb Photo by BU Photo Services

By Brian Fitzgerald
Imagine seeing a series of triangles every time a telephone rings, or experiencing the taste of chocolate on your tongue every time you see a tree. Welcome to the world of synesthesia, where the senses mingle freely and uncontrollably, a world where you hear certain colors and see certain sounds.

An alternative to drug therapy
Rehabilitation proponent's revised text stresses supported education for mental health

By David J. Craig

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19 April 2002
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