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Week of 7 December 2001 · Vol. V, No. 16

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Sail Pavilion Environmental Impact Report favors two Charles River sites

By Brian Fitzgerald

The best location for Boston University's proposed $3 million sailing pavilion on the Charles River -- a project that has generated much debate in the community -- would be one of two riverfront sites, one near Granby Street and one near Sherborn Street, according to a draft Environmental Impact Report released on November 24.

MED, SPH, and SSW partner in $1.5m program to advance drug treatment and prevention

By Hope Green
Although most physicians view substance abuse as an illness as much as cancer or heart disease, few are involved in its treatment. Too, drug abuse is not commonly covered as a topic in most residency and medical school programs.

Triathlete hit by truck and treated at BMC eyeing 2003 Ironman

By David J. Craig
Fabio Selvig was conscious for just a few seconds after the tires of an oil truck ran over his waist last year, crushing his pelvis and abdomen. He remembers the loud, clanging sound the truck made as it drove over his body and his bicycle; other details he can't bring himself to describe.

BU-Stockholm University study
Much less than six degrees can separate sexual partners

By David J. Craig
With surprising and somewhat frightening results, the concept behind "six degrees of separation" has been applied to sexual relationships in a study by Luis Amaral, a research associate at the GRS Center for Polymer Studies, and colleagues at Stockholm University. The "six degrees" theory is that everyone in the world is just six acquaintances away from everyone else.

How Special Collections archival holdings tell the story of our time

Beggars, whores, and thieves
SFA stages Brecht's knife-edged Threepenny Opera at BU Theatre
By Hope Green


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7 December 2001
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