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December 6, at 8 p.m.
Week of  30 November 2001 · Vol. V, No. 15

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Conversazioni to examine responsibility and historical inevitability

By Brian Fitzgerald
Why did the chicken cross the road? According to Karl Marx, "It was an historical inevitability."
So goes the old joke. However, over the years, many have taken issue with the Marxist belief that historical events could have developed only in the precise way they did. If you believe in free will, can you also believe that there is such a thing as historical inevitabilit

Scholar offers poignant first-person account of overcoming autism

By Hope Green
Stephen Shore has spent his life confounding other people's expectations. When he was a toddler, a psychologist recommended that he be institutionalized after diagnosing im as "psychotic with autistic tendencies." Fortunately Shore's mother disregarded the advice, and his condition improved under her care.

ENG staffers engineer time for art outside work

By David J. Craig
Growing up the child of Jewish Iraqi immigrants in Jerusalem in the 1970s, Zvi Aziz Ben Dor found refuge from the crime and boredom of the streets in a run-down movie theater in the poor east end of town.

Three key players
Hoops head McKeon jump-starts the season with a trey By Jason Pallante (COM'02)

Courting success
Men's basketball picked to lead America East By Brian Fitzgerald

CAS prof's filmmaking odyssey has dramatic results
By Hope Green


Composting an autumn portrait






30 November 2001
Boston University
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