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Amartya Sen, Nobel laureate and a visiting professor at the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the LongerRange Future, speaks on November 27 and 28
Week of  23 November 2001 · Vol. V, No. 14

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BU-launched Afghan journalism project created historic treasury that's now in demand

By David J. Craig
When the U.S. Information Agency awarded BU a $500,000 grant in 1986 to teach newsgathering to Afghan refugees, it probably hoped to counter Soviet Union propaganda about its occupation of Afghanistan. At the time, a CBS news program insinuated that the Afghan Media Project was merely a spin operation and criticized the University for getting involved.

General Pershing's legacy stands tall in memorabilia collection

By Brian Fitzgerald
There are war heroes, and then there are war superheroes. When World War I is mentioned, one man's name comes to mind above any other military leader. "There was no hero of the First World War comparable to General John Joseph Pershing," said BU Chancellor John Silber at the unveiling of a collection of Pershing memorabilia at BU on November 8.

For new history prof, kung-fu films were ticket to Chinese history

By David J. Craig
Growing up the child of Jewish Iraqi immigrants in Jerusalem in the 1970s, Zvi Aziz Ben Dor found refuge from the crime and boredom of the streets in a run-down movie theater in the poor east end of town.


A cup for all seasons
Jack Falla's newest book explores the quest for hockey's Holy Grail

By Brian Fitzgerald
"I want to kiss the Cup," said ontreal Canadiens forward Rejean Houle, during the on-ice victory celebration following his team's efeat of the Chicago Black Hawks in the 1971 Stanley Cup finals. His affection for the trophy is symbolic of the attitude of hockey players and fans toward the sport's Holy Grail.

How Special Collections archival holdings tell the story of our time

Blacks in the military
A long uphill climb toward a level playing field By Hope Green

The Tuskegee Regiment

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23 November 2001
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