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The USA women's hockey team versus the Olympic men's alumni team in the Visa Skate to Salt Lake Tour, on Friday, October 26, at 7:30p.m. at Brown Arena

Vol. V No. 11   ·   26 October 2001 

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Bioterrorism: be alert, but not anxious, says city expert

Anthrax -- not the flu -- is the health threat that currently seems to be on everyone's mind. And Anita Barry, the director of communicable disease control at the Boston Public Health Commission, has been vigilantly preparing hospitals and public safety agencies to respond should a bioterrorism attack occur in the city.

MED faculty provided first wave of counseling after terrorist attacks

Within hours of the September 11 terrorist attacks, an American Red Cross relief center set up at Logan Airport's Hilton Hotel was flooded with families and friends of the victims.

Speed racer
MED pulmonologist revs up for the weekend

When speeding around a twisting race course at 110 miles an hour and bumping elbows with other motorcyclists while leaning into a sharp turn, Hardy Kornfeld experiences a heightened state of consciousness akin to meditation.

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Men's hockey: youth, experience, and attitudecould confound pollsters' 5th place prediction

Bridge-building through music on the Boston-St. Petersburg shuttle

Autumn's Light

Beyond the 4th Wall

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26 October 2001
Boston University
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