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Vol. V No. 6   ·   21 September 2001 


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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

We would like to express our deepest sympathy in connection with the tragic events of September 11. As international students, we feel part of the community here at the School of Education, and we want to say that our hearts are filled with sadness because of the loss of so many innocent lives.

Like many others, we have been watching with terror and complete disbelief the development of the events. We were greatly impressed by the way the government officials handled the immense crisis in the city of New York. We are extremely moved by the heroic actions taken by the firefighters, the police, and the ordinary citizens.

As people coming from various countries and various backgrounds, some of us still holding memories of terrible events of violence in our own countries, we feel the need to express our solidarity with the American people at this moment. We feel the need to reiterate our understanding that we, the people of this planet, are first of all moral beings and should be together in good and bad times. We understand what our neighbors, friends, classmates, and professors are going through. We live here now, and we are part of the events. We stand by the people of America in their bad times.

Apart from the initial shock and the personal, human aspect of these events, we have been trying to comprehend the impact that they will have in a broader sense. We would like to believe that the U.S. government will find the best and the most reasonable way to deal with the crisis in the country. We would like to believe, and we feel reassured by the initial statements of President Bush that America will find the appropriate way to answer this inhumane act.

Sadha Moodley (SED'04), South Africa
Arti Pandey (SED'03), India
Julia Yotova (SED'05), Bulgaria
Mari Tsebe (SED'01), South Africa


21 September 2001
Boston University
Office of University Relations