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Vol. V No. 6   ·   21 September 2001 

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Message from BU President Jon Westling

BU remembers former SHA valedictorian and standout student volunteer

Nina DeVivo uses phrases such as "grace under pressure," "never stressed out," and "unbelievably mature" to describe Lisa Frost.

Preparing for the unthinkable
Boston considers a bioterrorist attack - and takes precautions

In tragedy's aftermath
Few signs of campus prejudice, but students are warned

In the days following the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, whose prime suspects have been identified as Islamic fundamentalists, national media have daily reported rising numbers of hate crimes against Muslims in the United States.

In Memory of the Hanson Family

Center for Excellence in Teaching to offer mentoring program

Starving for the truth
Diana Wylie's book examines history of hunger and racism in South Africa

If you were to write a history of a country's past 100 years, would you focus on food? That is what Diana Wylie did when she penned a book about South Africa that examines the politics of hunger and the uses and misuses of nutritional and agricultural science.

What a kick!
Women's soccer coach applauds collegiate and professional opportunities for female athletes

Letter to the Editor

Health Matters

Ask the Bridge

A time to remember

The BU community

Please Note

The BU community is encouraged to visit the newly launched We Remember Web site. We Remember offers visitors a way to share their thoughts during these difficult times.

Due to the events of September 11 and national and international FAA travel restrictions, some previously scheduled activities listed in our Calendar may be canceled, postponed, or relocated. Please call ahead to check on dates and times.

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen's September 19 lecture, entitled The Idea of Identity, the first in the Future of Identity Distinguished Lecture Series, was canceled and will be rescheduled. Sen's second lecture, entitled Globalization and Solidarity, will also be rescheduled.





21 September 2001
Boston University
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