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Whitfield Lovell - Embers, artist talk, 5 p.m., SFA Concert Hall, and opening reception, 6 p.m., BU Art Gallery, Friday, Sept. 14.

Vol. V No. 5   ·   14 September 2001 

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No one untouched as BU reacts to terrorist attacks

In the aftermath of national tragedy, members of the Boston University community have united to support the worried and the bereaved, to donate blood, to pray, and as best they can, to resume the normal flow of life on campus.

UNI prof says war likely if United States identifies a state behind terrorist attacks

Where to get help and give blood

Inspiring future scientists
Simmons receives 2002 Scholar/ Teacher Award

It may be the 21st century, but when Elizabeth Simmons visits high schools to talk about science careers she is disturbed by the response from female students.

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen to speak on The Idea of Identity

Document debunks negative stereotypes of the mentally handicapped

In the opening scene of Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown, 25-year-old Marni Jamieson reflects poignantly on a lawsuit her family brough years ago against the hospital where she was born, alleging that it was responsible for her developmental disability...

Alexander Graham Bell: the BU years

Major osteoarthritis review reveals disease's complexities - and new solutions

Good vibrations - and bad
From brakes to mine detectors, acoustics is all

Health Matters

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The times they were amazin'

Student reactions

News broadcast

New faculty





14 September 2001
Boston University
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