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Vol. IV No. 34   ·   8 June 2001 

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Calderón speaks her mind, urges graduates to do the same

Delivering on President Westling's Senior Brunch promise that "our Commencement speaker will have very notable, perhaps even controversial, insights into relations between the United States and her neighbors," Sila Calderón, governor of Puerto Rico, sharply criticized the U.S. government in her May 20 address.

Kathryn Silber receives multiple honors for three decades of University service

Wasserman's Metcalf Cup filled with student acclaim

On the first day of class in his Animal Behavior course, CAS Biology Professor Fred Wasserman shows his students video footage of an ovenbird nest. Through a small hole, four fledglings leave their cramped quarters one by one, like circus clowns climbing out of a tiny car.

Provost's Innovation Fund boosts research with commercial potential

Sidewalk Sam to SFA grads: Everybody needs art

During the last century, artists in the West seemed generally to subscribe to the view of "art for art's sake" -- that is, that expressions of beauty are valuable regardless of whether they convey useful social or political messages.

In defense of the demotic
Aaron Fogel wins 2001 Kahn Award for The Printer's Error

Metcalf winner's magic brings statistics to life

Commencement 2001

This year's honorary degree recipients

Health Matters

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Student speaker a fiery orator

Improving education abroad
Teacher's legacy inspires Indonesian scholar at SED

"There is no such thing as Society..."

Kahn Career Entry Awards

And that about wraps it up...

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8 June 2001
Boston University
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