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Vol. IV No. 30   ·   13 April 2001 


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Our BU family

On Monday, April 16, when thousands of runners assemble at the starting line in Hopkinton at noon for the start of the 105th Boston Marathon, there will be some runners whom you now know a little bit better. Thanks to the outstanding response to our call for marathoners, for the past few weeks the BU community has read the reasons why some members of our BU family have dedicated months of training to participate in the prestigious but arduous 26.2-mile Boston Marathon.

What we've learned is that each of the marathoners has a personal reason for entering the race. We've read about difficult losses that may have moved us to tears. We've read about dedication to causes that has been inspiring. We've read about training partnerships that have brought people closer together. And we've read about those who as a way of life log thousands of miles each year for the sheer joy of running.

Before you read their stories, you may not have known these members of the BU community personally. After all, our numbers are great, our jobs are diverse, and simple geography dictates that our paths never cross with those of many others.

But for a few short weeks, we got to know other members of the BU family on a more personal basis. Community response to the "Why I'm running the Boston Marathon" series was overwhelmingly positive; as a result, the B.U. Bridge will continue to explore ways to encourage members of the BU community to share themselves.

We congratulate those who will be running in the Boston Marathon. Remember, your journey begins and ends with a single step -- and then contains countless other steps in between those two. We wish you good weather, a gentle tailwind, and safe passage. -- Amy Dean, Managing Editor

Sweating for a cause

Along with crocuses and budding romance, spring often brings out people who dedicate time and foot power to raising money for charity. If you're planning to run, walk, bike, swim, or otherwise go the distance for a good cause in the near future, the B.U. Bridge would like to hear about it. Please send your name, your University affiliation, and the name of the organization you are supporting to B.U. Bridge, 10 Lenox St., Brookline, MA 02446 or e-mail to


13 April 2001
Boston University
Office of University Relations