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Vol. IV No. 14   ·   17 November 2000   

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The reason you’ll never see a wild turkey strutting up Comm. Ave. today has a lot to do with the caliber of the Boston University Women’s Rifle Team. For nearly a decade, until the early 1960s, the Terrier sharpshooters won several national championships. The squad fired matches on its home range, and the scores were then exchanged by mail with other schools firing on their own ranges. In 1961, the team had a single loss, to the University of Alaska. In the Prone Individual National Postal Competition, three riflers---including team manager Linda Kilb (left) and Linda Smith (right)---were Nationals trophy candidates. Leslie Andrews (center) captained the squad. According to the 1960 Hub, "Although many of these girls have never so much as picked up a rifle before coming to the University, they handle their weapons with amazing skill." BU Photo Services


17 November 2000
Boston University
Office of University Relations