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Week of 7 January 2000

Vol. III, No. 18

In the News

"I'm straining to think of something terrible that happened to me," says Bruce Weinberg, SMG assistant professor of marketing, about his holiday online shopping. "It's a ton of fun," he adds in a December 16 Boston Globe story. For Weinberg the fun started in September, when he began buying everything from holiday gifts to tires and light bulbs on the Internet.

"Maintaining the legitimacy of public institutions by ensuring they serve all communities in the polity is prudent. And it is also just," says Glenn Loury, director of CAS's Institute on Race and Social Division. Writing in the December 27 New Republic, Loury adds, "Many Americans are appalled at the prospect that the number of black students at elite college campuses might drop to two or three percent of the student body. They think this would be bad for the social and political health of our nation, and they think it would be morally wrong. I agree with them."

"The most powerful character education does not come from a lesson, but from life," says Karen Bohlin, director of the School of Education's Center for Advancement of Ethics and Character. Referring in a December 10 Boston Globe story to the public honors given the six firefighters who sacrificed their lives looking for survivors in a warehouse blaze in Worcester, Bohlin adds, "I think what you're seeing happen today is a genuine and heartfelt response to true heroism."

"One of the many ironies of the trial is that the market envisioned by the Microsoft-busters isn't all that different from the market that is evolving without their help," says Ronald Cass, dean of the School of Law, in an op-ed piece about the government's antitrust case against Microsoft in the December 9 Financial Times. "Breaking up the Windows 'monopoly' before the market does the deed on its own will divide sales of operating systems among several companies and raise the cost of developing both operating systems and applications software. Are the uncertain gains from storming the software Bastille really worth these certain costs?"

"The level of energy and civic enterprise is far greater in Texas than it is in Boston," says Boston University Chancellor John Silber. In a December 12 Boston Globe profile, he cited Boston's torturous path toward funding a convention center. "They would have put that together in about two months in Houston, about four months in Dallas and maybe six months in San Antonio. This is like Yugoslavia."

"In the News" is compiled by Alexander Crouch in the Office of Public Relations.