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Week of 19 March 1999

Vol. II, No. 27

News & Features

Broad-based participation in Y2K effort urged

The Peace Corps
BU leads New England in volunteers

A decade of preventing substance abuse
Wellness Center marks 10th

A votre l'chaim
Wine program at MET improves with age

Pizza break for alumnus brings in the dough

BU to receive Beckman Scholars Awards

What's hot on the BU web: Summer Term 1999

BU Beach in winter

It's hardly benchmark weather on BU Beach when the Boston area receives five to eight inches of snow this late in the season. (Remember the 26-inch snowfall on April 1, 1997?) We can't resist pointing out that the latest storm occurred during the Ides of March. The date isn't necessarily a magnet for bad luck, even though Caesar was cut down on March 15 in 44 b.c. Still, messy roads and canceled flights -- 150 at Logan Airport that day -- didn't facilitate students' return from spring break. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky