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Week of 12 May 1998

Vol. I, No. 31

BU Yesterday

Two of BU's most enduring Commencement traditions came into being at about the same time: BU's song, "Clarissima," and Boston University Night at the Pops. "Clarissima" was composed by Brenton C. Patterson and written by Ralph W. Taylor, two members of the class of 1911. The song received one of its first performances in May 1914 at the first BU Night at the Pops. According to the July 1914 Bostonia, "The beauty of the opening chords of this song as played by the orchestra was a revelation and delight to all." As to the concert itself, "The success of Boston University Night at the 'Pop Concerts' was amply sufficient to justify a repetition next spring." Above, 43 springs later, Lee Chrisman leads the Pops and the BU audience at Symphony Hall in "Clarissima," on May 31, 1957. The 84th annual concert will take place this Saturday, May 16. Boston University Photo Services

This spring, 30 years after his 1968 assassination, the BU community held a number of events to celebrate the contribution of alumnus Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (GRS'55) to the world community. In June 1959, King was presented with an honorary degree at BU Commencement ceremonies at the Boston Garden. His citation, which BU President Harold Case (right) is shown reading, cited King's "dignified and dynamic leadership . . . and an approach to controversial problems with determination but without anger." To the left is Walter Muelder (STH'30, GRS'33, Hon.'73), dean of the School of Theology from 1945 to 1972. Boston University Photo Services