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5 Dec. 1997 - 8 Jan. 1998

Vol. I, No. 14

BU Yesterday

Boston University's expansion along Commonwealth Avenue over the past 60 years was greatly facilitated by its willingness to recycle existing buildings for academic use. Rarely did the University have to demolish an old building to put up a new one. An exception was this block of apartments at 308 Bay State Road, behind the School of Theology. The buildings were part of a real-estate development that never really took off (the westward movement of Bay State Road having stopped some blocks to the east) and for many years housed BU offices. This photo was taken shortly before their June 1961 demolition to make way for the LAW tower (which housed SED until 1980). Notice, in the background, how few buildings there were along Memorial Drive in Cambridge and how downtown Boston was still without a skyline worthy of the name. Photo: BU Photo Services