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Week of 17 October 1997

Vol. I, No. 8

News & Features

Sculpture photo

William Tucker, an internationally acclaimed sculptor, talks with sculpture major Danna Abrams (SFA'99) (left) and Diane Hanson (SFA'00). Tucker conducted a two-day master class in which students created sculptures from massive body parts that they built based on models who took classic poses &emdash; Rodin's Thinker and a Matisse reclining nude. Master classes, sponsored by the Visual Arts Division of the School for the Arts, include Friday lectures open to the entire University community, followed by intensive two-day workshops that are free and open to visual arts students by application. Upcoming master classes will be conducted by English painter Christopher Leburn, arts educator Tim Rollins, and Guggenheim fellow and painter Susanna Coffey. Photo by Vernon Doucette

Another laurel for Laureate Pinsky

The light fantastic

University Lecture
Cantor on unlocking the human genetic code

BU, EPA agree on environmental enforcement action

Fitness for the formerly homeless
SAR students shape up seniors

STH prof an expert on worship and music
Searching for a common chord