Lab Fun


Goodbye dinner for Finn,2013

We gathered at Lucia’s house for a nice dinner to say goodbye to Finn who is starting a new wonderful academic career. He will continue collaborate with us, as time, and baby Tess permit.

Meeting Tess Calabro ,2013

The first time Tess Calabro visit the lab, we were so happy to meet her. Tons of toys are waiting for her to play with.

Finn’s Baby Shower
The lab celebrating Finn and Claire’s wonderful news, the baby-to-be Tess Calabro, just in a few weeks. We were happy for them, and Leon was so lots in happy thoughts that he ate the cake with chop-sticks. But it tasted very good all the same!

Christmas Lunch, December 2012
We had a small, but very festive Christmas lunch at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge. As usual, by now, Matti our closest collaborator joined us. We all had a wonderful time and great food! The champagne was donated in holidays spirit by the Harvard Faculty Club!

Christmas Lunch, December 2010
We had our Christmas lab lunch in the old Boston frightening prison now called the Liberty Hotel, appropriately we at at the Clink restaurant. We gathered to celebrate many things: It was a good year in OUR lab–Finn&Elif earned their well deserved doctorate, Kunjan passed his PhD quals and can now focus on research, Amy and Rob are looking into tests for Amy’s thesis (and we are all eager to hear what she wants to do!!!), and Mark has picked up AeJae’s organization and kept the lab going nicely. Oliver learnt the trade of the basics of fMRi and MEG, and so if brain networks will be what he wants to spend his life on, he’s ready and will be appropriately cautious, given the results. Grant was very energetic and got lots of things done on psychophysics, and is eager to move onto MEG&EEG, for which he has half/background.

Finn’s Ph.D. Thesis
Finn … actually as of today, Dr. Finn Calabro. Finn will remain postdoc in the lab.

Senior Project Gala 2010
Benvy and Megan, at the Senior Project Gala, celebrating with Lucia, their successful senior project presentation, and looking forward to a bright future. Benvy will get her M.S. degree in Public Health at BU and Megan will go to medical school at Temple University. Balaji was lost somewhere with his friends, but the picture demonstrates that he has not missed the Senior Project Gala. We will stay put at BU – College of Engineering in the MEng program.

Aejae’s goodbye party
Aejae has been with us for many years, an undergraduate student, then a researcher, then clinical research assistant. Her creativity, technical talent, superb organizational skills and a lovely personality will be very much missed. She is off to Japan just in a few days!

Christmas 2009
The lab met at Lucia’s house for a nice Christmas get together around lasagna and prosecco (strangest combination!!)

LaBefana 2008
Lab members, collaborators and their families gathered at Lucia’s house to welcome LeBefana with wonderful food and laughter!

October 2004, Newcomers to the lab
(click to see picture)

Easter 2004
Lab members and their families gathered at Lucia’s house to celebrate
Spring and Easter 2004! With us were Anna’s parents from Italy and Elif’s
mother from Turkey. Leah, Timothy and Sasha, the youngest lab members,
were quite successful at the Easter present hunt. We ate, listened to
music, and had a good time. The first to depart left with presents of
leftover lasagna. The last to leave were put on dish duty. We were
all shocked by the amount of food left over–probably everyone wanted
to stay light and energetic to get lots of research done!

October 2002
To start the new academic year, we had a nice lunch at the Museum of
Science. Great food and beautiful view. A very special day, we all had
a good time.

May 2002, Vision Sciences Society
Vision Sciences Society Conference–enjoying their success Scott,
supported by Tammy, and Winfred. Lucia as photographer.

March 2002, Martin’s Retirement Party
After almost 3 years as our software guru and Slovak ambassador, we
celebrated Martin’s retirement with a lab fiesta. Scott’s pasta won the
blue ribbon and everyone politely tried Rob’s orange dessert. Martin’s
not so old, so there are still a few years left for a lucky future
employer in his new home of Canada.

September 24, 2001 Lab Cruise
To foster scientific and social interactions within BRAVI, this year we
combined the welcome back to school year and plans for continued hard
and creative work with the celebration of Martin and Veronika’s wedding,
a farewell party to Laura, our best wishes to Jack and Brigitte for their
wedding on September 29, and a celebration of Sergei’s birthday with a
river and Harbor sunset cruise. We had great appetizers–Mexican Fiesta
and Mediterranean delights–fun music, cash bar, and good spirits.

Music and pasta 2001
We all gathered at Lucia’s house for a wonderful piano concert of Maestro
CRISTOBAL (well, Cris to friends), and for wonderful pasta a la Stromboli
served with red wine.

Thanksgiving 2000
Lab guys and girls and friends of the lab celebrated a great Thanksgiving
at Lucia’s place! Assignments for food and work were decided a priori,
while the fun and good eating happened spontaneously.

Stromboli 2000
June 2000, Lucia, Sanjida, Martin and Winfred, together with some of our
European research collaborators and a few friends of the lab, had a great
week of play and work in Stromboli. Stromboli is a little Italian island,
about 8 miles in diameter, part of the Aeolian islands archipelago. The
unique thing about Stromboli is its active volcano (with spectacular
eruptions every 15-20 minutes), the beautiful blue, clean ocean, the
black volcanic beaches and, of course, us conquering the island.

More information on Stromboli can be found at