Open Positions

Postdoctoral Position / 2nd Year Boston University PhD Student (Engineering or Computational Neuroscience):

Post-doctoral position to investigate rt-MEG neurofeedback on spatial visual attention and/or cortical connectivity using MEG and psychophysics in Lucia Vaina’s lab at Boston University, Biomedical Engineering Department and Graduate Program in Neuroscience.  The successful candidate will use MEG and psychophysics during performance of tasks of spatial visual attention and visually guided navigation by healthy subjects and neurological patients.  We also plan to develop algorithms that combine fMRI and MEG, to study several aspects of visually guided navigation.

Applicants should have good programming and analytical skills, experience in human psychophysics relevant to the projects carried out in the lab, and be comfortable with either fMRI or MEG data analysis.  Strong interest and background in  cognitive/computational neuroscience is important. Initial appointment is for one year. Starting date is flexible, but we expect to fill the position in the Spring/Summer of 2016.

The research will be carried out at Boston University, Brain and Vision Research Laboratory directed by Lucia Vaina and with close collaborators at either the Martinos Brain Imaging Center at MIT (MEG Lab) or at the MGH Biomedical Imaging Center (Charlestown).

To apply, please send a C.V., research interests&experience, and the names of three references to Vaina AT

Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Cognitive Neuroscience:

We have two major research opportunities: 1. a collaborative project to study affective perception in schizophrenic and healthy subjects; 2. using behavioral/psychophysical tasks investigate neuroplasticity (as perceptual learning) and attention modulation of visual and multimodal processing in health ysubjects and stroke patients . The students will be trained and depending on their background, they will be involved in at least one of the following aspects of these projects: design and implement new behavioral experiments using our Matlab based shell; acquire behavioral data from different subjects, perform statistical analysis (in Matlab or available statistical packages) and data visualization. All projects may lead to participation in publication of research papers, depending on the contribution. Over time there is potential extension to functio! nal neuroimaging data processing and visualization.

To apply, please send a C.V., research interests&experience to Vaina AT