Master Logo Usage & Guidelines

Our master logo is the common thread throughout University communications, it should be your starting point in the creation of all marketing materials. Deliberate, consistent placement of the logo establishes the University’s name and reputation. There are very specific guidelines regarding the use of the master logo.

The logo must be present on all university communications

As the primary graphic identity for the institution, the master logo must appear on all communications. The guidelines governing the use of Athletics logos can be found at There are very few other exceptions.

Never manipulate the logo in any way

This rule includes but is not restricted to type, rules, surrounding boxes, shadows, outlines, and embellishments. Do not create secondary (sub) logos to represent a school, college, center, or institute, as this is confusing to audiences and dilutes our goal of creating a common, mutually reinforcing image.

Give the logo its space

Placing any element too close to the master logo diminishes its importance. A clear zone of “B” (B = logo height) around the logo will give it the room it needs to stand out.


Boston University Red

Always use the right colors, Boston University Red or black. The master logo should appear in the University’s red or black. It should never be represented in any other colors. Use only 100 percent of the officially designated shades.

Reversing the logo out of BU Red or black is also allowed. See below for how to reverse the logo correctly.

Boston University Red for PrintFor Print

Pantone: 186
CMYK: 0, 100, 75, 4

Hex Code #CC0000For Web

HEX: #CC0000
RGB: 204, 0, 0

Black and Reverse Logo

If reproduction constraints prevent the use of color (BU red), use one of the optional black-and-white versions of the logo: all-black or reverse.

BU Black Logo

BU Reverse Logo