Sub-brand Signature Usage

Signatures “endorse” and organize the University’s many academic, administrative, and clinical entities, along with sub-units and divisions, under a single institutional umbrella. Use signatures on school- and college-specific brochure covers and website home pages to provide clear emphasis on the sub-brands while demonstrating their connection to the University.* Signatures are complementary to the master logo.

Treat the signature as artwork, not as typography

Each sub-brand signature must be treated as a unit and should not be modified or changed. This includes the size ratio of the BU icon to the sub-brand logotype.

Signatures can act as the primary mark on individual pieces

You may use the sub-brand signature as primary branding on school- or college-level print collateral and websites. However, the master logo should appear on all print collateral in a secondary position, e.g., the back cover. For school and college websites, a hyperlink to the main home page is sufficient.

* Please refer to Sub-brand Signature Placement for further placement information.