Sub-brand Logotype Usage

Logotypes brand the individual schools, colleges, offices, and other sub-entities while demonstrating a connection to the University. Use logotypes as complements to the master logo or in signatures on school- and college-specific brochure covers and website home pages.

Treat the logotypes as artwork, not as typography

Sub-brand logotypes must appear either with the master logo or as part of a sub-brand signature.

Logotypes do not replace the master logo

While the individual schools, colleges, departments, and institutes within the University may have their own unique identities, these sub-identities complement, but do not replace, the University master logo.

Naming Conventions


Departments must appear in hierarchical format in logos and letterheads.

Naming Conventions for Departments


In keeping with the Boston University Brand Identity Standards, in logos and in running text the "&" symbol replaces "and" in the names of schools, colleges, administrative or academic departments, offices, centers, and institutes.*

Naming Conventions for Departments

Office of…

In logos and running text, eliminate the words “Office of” in names of departments, unless the office is an individual’s title (e.g., Office of the Provost, etc.). Certain exceptions continue to call for “Office of” or “Office of the” in order to retain meaning – A general rule of thumb is “Office of the” will still remain.

(Note: Dean Elmore prefers Dean of Students to refer to his entire staff— e.g., For more information, please contact the Dean of Students.)

Naming Conventions for OfficesNaming Conventions for Offices

* Visit the BU Terminology section of the Editorial Style Guide for more allowed exceptions.