Image Samples

Photography style is another key component in the creation of successful brand communications. Design, typography, writing, and photography all work together to define the Boston University brand. The visual vernacular used to depict Boston University is crucial. The intention is to depict Boston University as a 21st-century university that is modern, urban, confident, diverse, and dynamic. View the samples below.


sample images

Faculty and staff can choose from our top in-brand picks on our free stock photography page (Kerberos login required).

Image Style

Although your photography selections are determined by the needs of the individual project, generally we recommend images that:

Represent journalistic style

Appear unstaged and spontaneous (with the exception of portraits)

Reflect the dynamic urban atmosphere of the bu campus

Use simple or white backgrounds for portraits

Make enough impact to be used by themselves in a larger size

Work together as small images in a grid format