Examples Before & After

The following are comparisons of past and current branding options for Boston University:

Campus Trucks

One of the most visible signs of the new brand are our trucks that act as a moving illustration of the changes going on at the University.


Campus Truck - Before


Campus Truck - Before


School of Public Health Course Catalog

“Not Just Dreaming. Doing.” represents a clear distinction between the Boston University School of Public Health and other public health degrees. We are the school that helps students take important learning into the field. It is a strong concept that really helps the potential student understand the advantage of a BUSPH degree.

School of Public Health Catalog - After

Admissions Brochure

Reaching out to 15–, 16–, and 17–year–olds using persuasive ideas—ones that they can relate to in a voice that is exciting and informative. Opening up the idea of BU to them by helping them feel as though, no matter who they are, BU is for them. 16,000 reasons. One BU.

Admission Brochure - After


Boston University Homepage

The redesigned homepage showcases the breadth and depth of Boston University through rich, experiential content and provides intuitive navigation to other university websites for visitors who know exactly what they’re looking for.


Boston University Homepage - Before


Boston University Homepage - After

College of Fine Arts

The new College of Fine Arts website is clearly connected to the University, provides clear access to a vast body of content in each of its three schools, and highlights the successes of its vibrant community through more compelling imagery.


College of Fine Arts Website - Before


College of Fine Arts Website - After