Jobs & Training

Research Experience for Undergraduate Students:

The MNL offers comprehensive research experiences in the cognitive neuroscience of memory. These experiences include activities related to behavioral and neuropsychological testing with healthy adults and memory-impaired patients, as well as functional and structural MRI data collection and pre-processing. Research training with human participants requires a significant investment by MNL staff, and therefore the MNL requires a minimum commitment of 10 hours/week for the academic year or 20+ hrs/week for 10+ weeks over the summer. All research activities take place at VA Boston (150 S. Huntington Ave., Boston). Students who are accepted to work in the lab will need to complete several on-line research training courses and LOTS of paperwork prior to starting. Students interested in psychology, neuroscience, engineering or computer science are encouraged to inquire.

Student Internships (Fall 2017-Spring 2018):

We are accepting applications for student volunteers to assist with a new project examining the relationship between aerobic fitness, brain function, and cognition.  Included in our research is the study of normal aging, mild cognitive impairment, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).  Participants will undergo Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), neuropsychological testing, blood draw, and cardiopulmonary exercise testing. Job duties of student volunteers entail general clerical support, participant recruitment, screening, scheduling, stimulus development, data collection, data formatting, and data scoring. The volunteer may also have the opportunity to help with the process of collecting structural and functional MRI data of veterans with mTBI and PTSD as well as older adults with or without memory problems. Some lifting of up to 40 lbs. may be required to move MRI-related equipment. Intermittent availability on weeknights is preferable, with Friday afternoons being optimal.

The position requires a minimum time commitment of 10 hrs/week (Monday-Friday) for two semesters (or one semester plus the summer).  Applicants should have a GPA > 3.5.  Previous experience with behavioral testing and computing expertise (e.g., excel, e-prime, and/or unix) is desired.  A background in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computer science, math, engineering, or physics is a plus. This is an ideal position for someone interested in gaining research experiences in neuropsychology and neuroimaging prior to starting graduate school.   Interested students should email a cover letter (describe your relevant background, interest in the position, and indicate U.S. citizenship status), CV (including contact info for 3 references), and course transcripts to .  If digital copies are not available, hard copies of course transcripts can be mailed to:  Dr. Scott Hayes, VA Boston Healthcare System, MDRC 151A, 150 S. Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02130