Second Sunday Reading Series

Please join Erbaluce for its Second Sunday Reading Series in the upstairs dining room of Bay Village restaurant Erbaluce. On the second Sunday of each month a new play by a local playwright is read, using actors from the local theatre community. The excellent (and FREE) hors d’oeuvres offered by Chef Charles Draghi are reason enough to be there, but these plays are still in flux and their talented playwrights welcome your smart feedback on what you’ve heard!

Special note from BPT Artistic Director Kate Snodgrass:

Mark your calendars because December is different!

We will be reading on the FIRST Sunday of the month of December. Please come, and bring your friends. This will be our last reading at Erbaluce unfortunately. Erbaluce must close due to construction in their building, and we are heartbroken. If and when they start up again, I will let you know. Thanks for being a part of bringing new plays to life!

The next event is on December 2 at 7 p.m.:

Knock Down, Drag Out
by Rick Park

Developers want to tear down Antoine’s, Boston’s only drag bar, in order to build some high-rise condos. Zonna, who has been performing at the club for 2/3 of her life, has other ideas. After being visited by the ghost of her drag mother Crystal Crawford, Zonna bands her drag queen sisters Ivanka (the club’s 70-year-old bartender and former chanteuse), Mx (a gender fluid college kid) and Sharia Law (a hardscrabble queen who has fought for everything she’s got) and stages a “drag in,” where they will live in the club to protest its demolition, while fending off their neighbor, Mrs. Chao, an 80-year-old Chinese woman who is on a permanent neighborhood watch, as well as the gentrification of the neighborhood they all love.


December 2, 2018Upcoming


Erbaluce 69 Church Street Boston, MA 02116