Eugene Ionesco’s


By Eugene Ionesco

Translated by Derek Prouse
Adapted and Directed by Wesley Savick

Sunny afternoon. Newbury Street. Meeting a friend for coffee. You’re borderline depressed…crappy job, too neurotic to make the first move with a “good pal” co-worker, wallowing in self-pity…and maybe just a little hung-over. Everything is normal. And all at once, everyone you know turns into a rhinoceros. A brand-new adaptation of Eugene Ionesco’s 20th century absurdist masterpiece, reimagined for the 21st.

A co-production with Suffolk University.


February 25-March 13, 2016Past Show


Jake Athyal, Brian Bernhard, Matt Finn, Molly Kimmerling, Robert Kropf*, Raya Malcolm, Dana Nacer, Nael Nacer*, Alex Pollock*, and Laurie Riihimaki


The Modern Theatre 525 Washington Street Boston, MA 02111