Our 2019–2020 Season

The Book Club Play

By Karen Zacarías. Directed by Shana Gozansky.

September 26-October 13

Ana is a Type A personality who lives in a letter-perfect world with an adoring husband, the perfect job, and her greatest passion: Book Club. But when her cherished group becomes the focus of a documentary film, their intimate discussions about life and literature take a turn for the hilarious in front of the inescapable camera lens. Add a provocative new member along with some surprising new book titles, and these six friends are bound for pandemonium. A delightful play about life, love, literature, and the side-splitting results when friends start reading between the lines.

Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois.

the smuggler

By Ronan Noone. Directed by Judy Braha.

November 7-24

Irish immigrant Tim Finnegan had notions of being a writer in America but struggles as a bartender on the island of Amity. That all changes when a stranger arrives with a plan to make people “disappear and reappear,” and Tim learns the price he must pay to become an American.

Deal Me Out

By MJ Halberstadt. Directed by Shana Gozansky.

February 13-March 1

A close-knit group meets for its weekly game night in Oberon’s father’s garage with an uncomfortable “game” on the agenda: kick Dez out. Cleo does her best to manage everyone’s feelings as Dez tries to bargain his way back into the group’s sympathies, but tensions about identity politics are especially fraught for these liberal outsiders in suburban Maine in November 2016—and the group teeters towards splintering entirely after Dez makes an especially bold power play.