Boston Theater Marathon XIX

Protecting the Innocent by Brent Askari/Moonbox Productions

A Normal Story by Beirut Balutis/Northeastern Department of Theatre

Emily Again by Mina Bloom & Leland Frankel/Stoneham Theatre

Spark by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich/Boston Actors Theatre

Swimming to Shore by Josh Brassard/Salem Theatre Company

Just One of Those Things by Alan Brody/Underground Railway Theater

Broken News II by Robert Brustein/Suffolk University Theatre Department

Thanks, Man by Caroline Burke/Theatre on Fire

Seven Minutes in Heaven by Eugenie Carabatsos/Anthem Theatre Company

Everyone’s Child by Delvyn C. Case, Jr./Tide Taken Productions

Hijab by Andrea Fleck Clardy/Boston Children’s Theatre

The Taking Boy by Anna Cranage Conathan/Liars & Believers

Diamonds Unstrung, Falling by Constance Congdon/Hovey Players

The Catch by Mary Conroy & Lesley Anne Moreau/Open Theatre Project

Bernie and Bonnie by Kim Costigan/Titanic Theatre

The Way Things Work by Olivia Z. Cote/Boston Center for American Performance

Italian Now by Charlene A. Donaghy/Marblehead Little Theatre

No Fault by William Donnelly/Battleground State

Palookaville by Charles Draghi/Actors’ Shakespeare Project

Greetings from Fallujah by Christine Evans/Off the Grid Theatre Company

Protocol by Brenda Foley/It’s a Fiasco

Eden in Chains by Patrick Gabridge/Our Place Theatre

Old and Ugly by Gary Garrison/Fort Point Theatre Channel

You’re Home Now by Deirdre Girard/Boston College Theatre

Pie in the Sky by Susan Goodell/Boston Theater Company

Right Justified by MJ Halberstadt & K. Alexa Mavromatis/Charlestown Working Theatre

Diabetic Panda by Marc Harpin/Centastage

I Suppose by Lawrence Hennessy/Firehouse Center for the Arts

The Fiddler by Charles Hertz/Pilgrim Theatre Research & Performance Collaborative

Talking to Roses by Kimberly Holliday/Actors Studio of Newburyport

Security by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company

Reversity by Terrence Kidd/Wheelock Family Theatre

Let’s Get Meta! by Bill Lattanzi/Happy Medium Theatre Company

Labrats by Melinda Lopez/Huntington Theatre Company

Diversity and Inclusion: A Report for Mrs. Abernathy’s 5th Grade Class by Jeni Mahoney/Bridge Rep. of Boston

Lost Properties by Walt McGough/Emerson Stage at Emerson College

Broken by James McLindon/Imaginary Beasts

Chasing Olivia Through the Jungle by Mary Beth McNulty/Wellesley Repertory Theatre

Social Glue by Vicki Meagher/Fresh Ink Theatre

This is Marriage: Part II by Charlotte Meehan/Sleeping Weazel

Final Reckoning by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Two Face by Samuela Nematchoua/SpeakEasy Stage Company

The Illegal Alien by Ronan Noone/Poet’s Theatre

What Happened to Dan? by Lloyd Pace/Company One

Lorax by Katherine Gee Perrone/Hub Theatre Company of Boston

Meeting by Theresa Rebeck/American Repertory Theater

Occupy Hallmark by Cassie M. Seinuk/Cohasset Dramatic Club

Medium, Well Done by George Smart/Lyric Stage Company of Boston

Cubs Win! by Marisa Smith/New Repertory Theatre

Speed Date by David Susman/ImprovBoston

Boston Theater Marathon XVIII

Healing the Heart by Ray Arsenault/Cohasset Dramatic Club

Speaking of Dead Mice by Jeanne Beckwith/Fresh Ink Theatre Company

The Faint Taste of Cat Food…by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich/Salem Theatre

Epic Love by Jami Brandli/Boston College Theatre

Grief by Alan Brody/Firehouse Center for the Arts

What to Tell a Telemarketer by R. Brustein & J. Garlick/New Repertory Theatre

Beyond by Lisa Cocciardi/Hovey Players

Present Midnight by Constance Congdon/New Urban Theatre Lab

The Golden Dragon by Sean Crawford/Image Theater

Grandmother Time by Brandon M. Crose/Huntington Theatre Company

Blue Tent by Gino DiIorio/Fort Point Theatre Channel

Visiting Hours by William Donnelly/Battleground State

Blackbeard by Charles Draghi/The Lyric Stage Company Of Boston

Going Up by Stephen Faria/Stoneham Theatre

It’s a Test by Teresa Fisher/Theatre on Fire

Train Coming by Chris Flaherty/Boston Center for American Performance

Evolution by Peter M. Floyd/Imaginary Beasts

Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore by Patrick Gabridge/It’s a Fiasco!

Too Quick A Pick by Gary Garrison/Boston Children’s Theatre

Splat by Elizabeth Gordon/Happy Medium Theatre

Six Girls Who’ve Been Told…by Marc Harpin/Wellesley Repertory Theatre

The New Girl by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company

I Woke Up in a Sam Shepard Playby David L. Hudacek/Suffolk University Theatre

Panda Porn by Lila Rose Kaplan/Bridge Rep of Boston

The Shell Collection by Wendy Kesselman/Theatre Espresso

When a Body Meets a Body by Terrence Kidd/Wheelock Family Theatre

Roundabout by John J King/Underground Railway Theater

Before or After by Christopher Lockheardt/Commonwealth Shakespeare Co.

The Donation by S. Lombardi-Verticelli & L. D. Wheeler/Actors’ Shakespeare Project

Spread the Love by Matthew Macca/Boston Actors Theater

Chuck Roast Toast by Jeni Mahoney/Northeastern Department Of Theatre

I Don’t Know by James McLindon/Company One

This is Marriage by Charlotte Meehan/Sleeping Weazel

A Monogamy of Swans by John Minigan/Bad Habit Productions

Ideologues by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

A Drink by Samantha Noble/The Nora Theatre Company

A Cup of Tea by Ronan Noone/Poets’ Theatre

Phenom by Ellen O’Brien/SpeakEasy Stage Company

Space Saver by Rick Park/Charlestown Working Theatre

Mercy Me by Alexander Platt/Anthem Theatre

Lost and Found by Dennis Porter/Off The Grid Theatre Company

Real by Theresa Rebeck/American Repertory Theater

Finding Zeus by Jack Rushton/Pilgrim Theatre Research & Perf. Collaborative

Playing Checkers by Cassie M. Seinuk/Emerson Stage at Emerson College

Swipe Right by Anne Shackleford/Open Theatre Project

No Love, Please by Marisa Smith/Marblehead Little Theatre

Lost, in Transit by Donna Sorbello/Centastage

Security by Monica Staaf/Moonbox Productions

The Fruit Salad of Shame by Ellen Davis Sullivan/Hub Theatre Company of Boston

The Last Laugh by David Susman/The Actors Studio of Newburyport

Boston Theater Marathon XVII

Fortress of Solitude by Kristin Baker & Dan Milstein/Stoneham Theatre

Orphans by Richard Ballon/Bad Habit Productions

A Firefly in August by Sheila Curran Bernard/Actors Playgroup

The Number by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich/The Poets’ Theatre

The Interview by Steven Bogart/Actors’ Shakespeare Project

Once Removed by Jami Brandli/Boston Children’s Theatre

Holy Places by Alan Brody/Israeli Stage

Broken News by Robert Brustein/New Repertory Theatre and Boston Center for American Performance

A Fable Regarding the Octopus by Mitchell Buckley/Boston College Theatre

Park Slope Minstrel Show by Eleanor Burgess/Fresh Ink Theatre Company

Heartland by Andrea Fleck Clardy/Underground Railway Theater

Raghead by Tom Coash/The F.U.D.G.E. Theatre Company

Officer Friendly by Larry Coen/Wheelock Family Theatre

Thursday by Sean Crawford/Hub Theatre Company of Boston

Burning Room by Juli del Prete/The Nora Theatre Company

Three Rivers, Three Lakes, One Sea by William Donnelly/Battleground State

General Counsel by Charles Draghi/The Lyric Stage Company of Boston

Halftime by Richard Dresser/American Repertory Theater

Conditions by Abbey Fenbert/Wellesley Summer Theatre

Snowcaps by Shari D. Frost/Open Theatre Project

Quack by Patrick Gabridge/Sleeping Weazel

A Whole Lotta Empty by Gary Garrison/Cohasset Drama Club

Heading Toward Tiki Villa by Deirdre Girard/Theatre on Fire

The Dogwalker by Elisabeth W. Gordon/Happy Medium

The Heist by Matt Greene/Suffolk University Theatre

In the Red, White and Blue by Dipika Guha/Fort Point Theatre Channel

Rose in a Room at the Hotel Roma by Jayne Hannah/Company One

Queen of Hearts by Gayle Hanrahan/Argos Productions

Game Face by Kimberly Holliday/Hovey Players

Breaking Philip Glass by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company

Solitude, Silence by G. L. Horton/Firehouse Center for the Arts

Pop Art by Joanne Hudson/Huntington Theatre Company

Minority of Three by Terrence Kidd/New Urban Theatre Lab

Houston by Michael Kimball/Off the Grid Theatre Company

Thesis by John J King/SpeakEasy Stage Company

Accidental Death by Anne Marilyn Lucas/Actors Studio of Newburyport

Buzz by Susan Lumenello/Pilgrim Theatre Research & Performance Collaborative

Ifs and Oughts by Mary Beth McNulty/Emerson Stage

Scatter by Jeni Mahoney/Project: Project

Jinxed by K. Alexa Mavromatis/Imaginary Beasts

Moving On by John Minigan/Salem Theatre

The Constant Variety of Sport Higgins by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Swig by Ronan Noone/Centastage

The Rags by William Orem/Marblehead Little Theatre

Life’s Half A Glass by Rick Park/Charlestown Working Theater

Placebo Controls by Bill Rebeck/Bridge Rep of Boston

Shaken, Not Stirred by George Sauer/ImprovBoston

Welcome to the Beekman Arms by Marisa Smith/It’s a Fiasco

Stuck by David Susman/Mill 6 Collaborative

Target Practice by Michael Towers/Moonbox Productions

Boston Theater Marathon XVI

Six Piece Chicken McNuggets by Amy Adler/Improv Boston

Machsom Watch by Toby Armour/Lau Lapides Company

The Accident by Richard Ballon/Image Theatre

Reassurance by Alan Brody/Emerson Stage

Eskimo Pie by Stephanie Brownell/Elements Theatre Company

The Press Assess The Gettysburg Address by Robert Brustein/Suffolk Theatre Department

All the Way to Wonderland by Elisabeth Burdick/Huntington Theatre Company

Ashley’s Lament by Marc Clopton/Firehouse Center for the Arts

Going Viral by Brandon M. Crose/Boston Actors Theatre

Grass Hog by William Donnelly/Battleground State

The Sin Eater by Charles Draghi/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

Love, Dad by Richard Dresser/American Repertory Theater

Checkout Dinosaur by Stephen Faria/Open Theatre Company

What’s in the Box? by Sean Farrell/Bad Habit Productions

Geniuses by Abbey Fenbert/Underground Railway Theater

Too Too Solid Flesh by Peter M. Floyd/Hovey Players

Bang for the Buck by Shari D. Frost/New Repertory Theatre

Ties That Bind by Gary Garrison/New Urban Theatre Laboratory

Kith and Tell by Hortense Gerardo/Boston Children’s Theatre

Drinks Before Flight by Lisa Kenner Grissom/Theatre on Fire

Peggy’s Properties by MJ Halberstadt/Project: Project

New Construction by Gayle Hanrahan/Actors’ Shakespeare Project

Fracking with Walt Whitman by Gregory Hischak/Off the Grid Theatre Company

The Story of Daniel by Kimberly Holliday/Fresh Ink Theatre Company

Finally by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company & Barefoot Theatre

Deep Love of Nightgowns by Haley Jakobson/Stoneham Theatre

16 Gigs by Maggie Kearnan/Marblehead Little Theatre

Deep Water by Peter Kennedy/Wellesley Summer Theatre

Things to Do on Saturday by Janet Kenney/Gan-E-Meed Theatre Company

Cake by Sherry Kramer/Moonbox Productions

The End by Nate Krieger and Gus Viveiros/Wheelock Family Theatre

Bond Girl by John Kuntz/Israeli Stage

Giving and Taking by Greg Lam/SpeakEasy Stage Company

Hadron Collision Therapy by Stefan G. Lanfer/Charlestown Working Theatre

The Duck’s Autoreply by Emily Kaye Lazzaro/Bridge Rep. of Boston

Clockwork by Erin Lerch/Actors Playgroup

Lies by Michele Markarian/Fort Point Theatre Channel

SL1 12:32 a.m. by K. Alexa Mavromatis/Actors Studio of Newburyport

;-( Frowny Face Emoticon by Mary Beth McNulty/Nora Theatre Company

The Maltese Walter by John Minigan/Argos Productions

Lifetime Achievement by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Shitty Neighbors by Ronan Noone/Happy Medium

The Doppler of My Heart by Rick Park/Company One

The Last of the McLaughlins by William Pendergast/Cohasset Drama Club

The Shifferdecker Electric Park by Mary Sue Price/The Fudge Theatre Company

Webbed Hands by Cecelia Raker/Imaginary Beasts

Baggage by Theresa Rebeck/Simple Machine

Angel Hair by Bill Rebeck/Lyric Stage Company of Boston

The House of All Alone by Richard Schotter (book and lyrics) and Phil Schroeder (music)/Boston Center for American Performance

Day One by Marisa Smith/Centastage

[Dis]connected by Karla Sorenson/Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

Film Appreciation by David Susman/Mill 6 Collaborative

Signs by Richard Westcott/Boston College Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon XV

Saturday Matinee by Allan Appel/Huntington Theatre Company

Cleavage by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich/Lyric Stage Company of Boston

Violence by Robert B. Boulrice/Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

Exorcism by Alan Brody/Underground Railway Theater

Gun Play by Robert Brustein/Suffolk University Theatre

Rocky Road by Elisabeth Burdick/The Nora Theatre Company

Solitaire by Andrea Fleck Clardy/Hovey Players

Twilight (Years) by Mary Conroy/Firehouse Center for the Arts

Dreams by Sean H. Crawford/lau lapides company

The Interview by Brandon M. Crose/Bridge Rep of Boston

Sliding by Charlene Donaghy/Wheelock Family Theatre

On the Ward by William Donnelly/Battleground State

Spitzer Yaw by Charles Draghi/New Urban Theatre Laboratory

Curse the Darkness by Patrick Gabridge/New Repertory Theatre

Skirting the Issue by Gary Garrison/Theatre on Fire

For the Love of Egon by Hortense Gerardo/Company One

Hard Luck by Joseph Godfrey/Arts After Hours

Tattoo You by Lisa Kenner Grissom/Argos Productions

Launching by Nancy Lucia Hoffman/NextDoor Center for the Arts

Virtual Alex by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company

New Year by David L. Hudacek/Emerson Stage at Emerson College

Red Drink by Obehi Janice/Bad Habit Production

Stainless: A Love Story by Ben Jolivet/Liars and Believers

The Chapel Play by Lila Rose Kaplan/American Repertory Theater

Even If by Terrence Kidd/Gamm Theatre

The Nice Hotel by John Kuntz/Happy Medium Theatre Company

Lost in Thought by Christopher Lockheardt/Simple Machine

The Quiz by K. Alexa Mavromatis/Wellesley Summer Theatre

Magi by James McLindon/Stoneham Theatre

Out of Bounds by Charles Munitz/Wellfleet Harbot Actors’ Theatre

Return of the Curse by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Boyfriend by Ronan Noone/Salem Theatre Company

Skunky by Julian Olf/Roxbury Repertory Theater

From Your Mouth to God’s Ears by Rick Park/Actors Shakespeare Project

Harbor Lights by Michael S. Parsons/Fort Point Theatre Channel

No More Hog Jowls by Candace Perry/GAN-e-meed Theatre Project

Lapse by Gail Phaneuf/Boston Actors Theatre

Remembering Elizabeth by Jack Rushton/Actor Studio of Newburyport

Stellas by Barbara Schweitzer/The F.U.D.G.E. Theatre Company

Bad Dogs and Best Friends by Phil Schroeder/Image Theatre

Just Like Tetraphobia by Cassie M. Seinuk/Fresh Ink Theater Company

Mary Durning’s Soup and Other Cultural Divides by Jane Denitz Smith/Boston College Theatre

How Things Work by Lindsay Soson/Centastage

Humorless by David Susman/Hub Theatre Company of Boston

Precious Little Things by Julia Specht/Pilgrim Theatre Research and Perf. Collaborative

The Contender by Michael Towers/Mill 6 Collaborative

New American Sweethearts by Michael Trottier/Project: Project

Last Flight Out by Sinan Ünel/Provincetown Counter Productions

White Hole by Joyce Van Dyke/Boston Center for American Performance

The Numbers Never Lie by Michael Wartofsky/Wesley Savick/SpeakEasy Stage Company

Ask Me Something Cool by Caitlin Weisensee/Portland Stage Company

Drive by James Wilkinson/Boston Children’s Theatre

The One by Sheri Wilner/Apollinaire Theatre Company


Boston Theater Marathon XIV

Shrapnel by Yavni Bar-Yam

Saving Walter Cronkite by Cliff Blake

3 AM by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich

The Comfort Station by Robert Brustein

The Writer and the Talker by Con Chapman

Gay Paree by Andrea Fleck Clardy

The Flying Winter Princess by Mary Conroy

Sarcasms Anonymous by Robbi D’Allessandro

Wishful Thinking by Beth Derochea

Preview of Coming Attractions by Andy Dolan

Animal Boat by William Donnelly

Calling Cues by Fontaine Dubus

Reproduction by Elizabeth DuPre

The Lilac Ticket by C. J. Ehrlich

Love, Billy Bunny by Peter M. Floyd

Second Look by Patrick Gabridge

Caught, Without Candy by Gary Garrison

Frickin’ Woodpecker by Deirdre Girard

Hand Down the Chesterfield by Tom Grady

Reality Book Group by Richard Grossman

The Cattle by Michael Hammond

A Kind of Love Story by Kevin Hong

Substitute Corpse by Israel Horovitz

Dream Kitchen by Heather Houston

Nothing Personal by Tom Kee

The Girls by Lisa Kenner

Marry-Go-Round by Susan Kosoff

The Reluctant Testicle by Paul J. Lawrence

Amber Beads by Melinda Lopez

King Richards by Grant MacDermott

The Experiment by George S. Masselam

Erosion by Scott McCrea

The Dinosaurs Have a Request by Walt McGough

Pantomimes by Tyler J. Monroe

Storrow Drive by Jefferson Navicky

The Dramaturg by Jack Neary

I Glue You by Ronan Noone

Fragment by Angel Nunez

The Accidents of Bread by William Orem

Stolen Breath by Rick Park

Deja Nous by Michael S. Parsons

Natural Consequences by Mary Sue Price

Designated Sitter by George Sauer

The Co-Hoardinator by Barbara Schweitzer

Hot Water by John Shanahan

Lycanthropy by Danny Sklar

Polar Bear Swim by Marisa Smith

Sad Times On Pine Island by Donna Sorbello

The As-If Sisters by Erin Striff

Frosty by Ellen Davis Sullivan

Edgar and Patrick by Ken Urban

A Game of Chicken by Sean Walsh

Arts and Sciences by Sheri Wilner

Boston Theater Marathon XIII

Share This World by Ronan Noone/Emerson Stage
Late, Lamented by Lynne Cullen/11:11 Theatre Company
The Mouse by Colleen Hughes/Firehouse Center for the Arts
The Fudgicle Thief by Bill Doncaster/Boston Children’s Theatre
One More to Go in Beantown by Debbie Wiess/New Repertory Theatre
Those Still Living by April Ranger/Theatre on Fire
Every Seven Seconds by Dan Hunter/Boston Actors’ Theater
Crickets by Emily Kaye Lazzaro/Boston Center for American Performance
Cat in a Box by Julian Olf/Centastage
Welcome to the Hate Store by Jan Velco Soolman/Happy Medium Theatre
The Resurrections by Catherine M. O’Neill/Actors’ Shakespeare Project
Slugger by Terrence Kidd/New Urban Theatre Laboratory
Uncommon Ground by John R. Sarrouf/Hovey Players
Birdbaths, “Twilight,” and Other Sundry Topics by Rick Park/Phoenix Theatre
A Handy Man by March Schrader/Village Theatre Project
Trust Fall by Steve Lewis/Apollinaire Theatre Company
Rogue River, Oregon by Phil Schroeder/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Park ‘N’ Ride by Michael Ennis/Publick Theatre Boston
Procession by William Donnelly/Battleground State
Downward Facing Dog by Melinda Lopez/Another Country Productions
Camberwell House by Amelia Roper/Perishable Theatre
Mirror Touch by Michael Burgan/North Shore Music Theatre
A Tall Order by Sheri Wilner/Liars & Believers
Perfect Strangers by Peter Snoad/Huntington Theatre Company
Rox-N, Miss Thang by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich/Holland Productions
Stuck by Christopher Lockheardt/New Exhibition Room
Little Boys by Margaret Lagerstedt/Stoneham Theatre
Oops by James C. Ferguson/CoLab Theatre Company
Pentagon Mashed Potatoes by Cliff Blake/Company One
Teddy Ballgame by Caitlin Mitchell/Roxbury Repertory Theater
Backfire by Leslie Powell/Image Theatre
Boy-Man by Diane Di Ianni/Sugar Cereal Productions
There’s an App for That! by Richard Schotter/lau lapides company
Wasted Kisses by Thomas G. Dunn/Orfeo Group
Escape to Wonderland by Patrick Gabridge/Fort Point Theatre Channel
Beep…Doot by Aaron Kagan and Seth Soulstein/Bad Habit Productions
The Curator by Jennifer Diamond/Wellesley Summer Theatre
A Designated Awful Place by Gregory Hischak/Salem Theatre Company
Our Part to Change Things by Susan Goodell/Wheelock Family Theatre
M. Riverside by John J. King/Turtle Lane Playhouse
Sarah in Wonderland or… by Robert Brustein/American Repertory Theater
Ms. Connections by Erin Striff/Boston College Theatre Dept.
Doll Hospital by Jeanne Beckwith/Pilgrim Theatre Research & Performance Lab.
A Ballad for Peggy by Stephen Faria/Nora Theatre/Underground Railway Theater
Game On by Gary Garrison/SpeakEasy Stage Company
10 Years After Paradise by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company
Squirrelly by James McLindon/Commonwealth Shakespeare
Bible Study by Daniel Sauermilch/Forty Magnolias Productions
Open House by Theresa Rebeck/Lyric Stage Company of Boston
Casting Amanda by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon XII

Kosher Kop by Robert Brustein/American Repertory Theater
Pseudoephedrine by Ken Urban/Pilgrim Theatre
Color Coordination by Benjamin Conrick/Emerson Stage
And Clouds Made of Bones by William Orem/Firehouse Center for the Arts
Hygiene by Gregory Hischak/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Rosie’s Things by Janet Kenney/Holland Productions
It’s the Jews by John Minigan/Actors’ Shakespeare Project
Girls Play by Masha Obolensky/Boston Center for American Performance
Pressing by March Schrader/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Go to Helen Hunt for It by Rick Park/Phoenix Theatre Artists
The Driving Force by Jenny Lecce/Boston College Dept. of Theatre
Tricia and Tony by George Matry Masselam/Playwrights’ Platform
Open Position by Christyl Watters/Wellesley Summer Theatre Company
Quiet Killers by Kristin Palmer/Stoneham Theatre
In the Absence of Words by Skylar Fox/New Repertory Theatre
Flesh by Holly K. Jensen/Centastage
The Shit Stirring Machine by Ronan Noone/Bad Habit Productions
Don’t Pick Your Nose by Amy Adler/Boston Children’s Theatre
Motel Therapy by Cliff Odle/Company One
Total Expression by Marisa Smith/Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater
Talky Talk by George Spelvin/Rough & Tumble Theatre Company
Make it a Good One by Elisabeth Burdick/Image Theatre Company
A Lion in the Streets by Jeanne Beckwith/Shakespeare & Co.
We Wait by Sean David Bennett/The Actors’ Studio of Newburyport
All in My Mind by Mwalim *7/New Urban Theatre Laboratory
Wasteland by Kate Snodgrass/Huntington Theatre Company
Dump by Gary Garrison/New Exhibition Room
Missing by Cathy Tempelsman/Village Theatre Project
Two Socks Discuss Loss by Walt McGough/The Performance LAB
Strangers on a Playground by William Donnelly/Mill 6 Collaborative
Movement Two by Ed Bullins/Roxbury Crossroads Theatre
Cheeky Bastard by Ted Reinstein/Metro Stage Company
Dream City Limits by Michael Gracia/Our Place Theatre Project
After Hours Stan by Martyna Majok/Boston Actors Theater
Loaves and Fishes by Michael Towers/Gurnet Theatre Project
I am Profound by Amanda Hurlburt/lau lapides company
Koi by Ellen Davis Sullivan/Lyric Stage Company of Boston
Diagnosis by Leah Maxwell/Underground Railway Theater
And I Did by Bruce Post/Orfeo Group
Confirmed Sighting by Patrick Gabridge/Fort Point Theatre Channel
Ladies in Hats by Mark Edwards/Nora Theatre Co.
No Parking by Ray Arsenault/Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Fishbowl by Christine Evans/Publick Theatre Boston
The Committee by Jim Gordon/Turtle Lane Playhouse
Bethena by George Brant/Blackburn Performing Arts
In the Gray Zone by Paul Kahn/Forty Magnolias Productions
Bad Santa by M. Lopez and M. Lopez-Keough/Theatre on Fire
Leavetaking by Barbara Schweitzer/Wheelock Family Theatre
2nd Violin by Israel Horovitz/Barefoot Theatre Co. and Gloucester Stage Co.
Cell Promotion by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon XI

Joan, Joan, Joan and Hitler by Ryan Landry/Gold Dust Orphans
But for the Grace of God by Laura Crook/Village Theatre Project
A Purge for a Poetaster by Robert Brustein/American Repertory Theatre
Safely Assumed by Andrea Fleck Clardy/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
A New Day by Lydia Diamond/Boston Center for American Performance
St. Cloud by Vladimir Zelevinsky/Another Country Productions
White People by Ken Urban/Huntington Theatre Company
Her Eyes by Scott McCrea/Cape Repertory Theatre
Missed Exit by Nina Mansfield/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Last Meal by Julia Harman Cain/Salem Theatre Company
The Second Coming by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro/Nora Theatre Co.
The Interview by Scott Malia/Emerson Stage
Lifer by Toby Armour/Our Place Theatre Project
Please Report Any Suspicious Activity by Rick Park/Phoenix Theatre
Escape to Wonderland by Patrick Gabridge/Wellesley Summer Theatre
Lockdown by George Brant/Perishable Theatre
Annie Desmond Gets a Tattoo by Kirsten Greenidge/Company One
Small Window by George Sauer/Centastage
The Liquidation of the Cohn Estate by Edmond Caldwell/Stoneham Theatre
Inheriting Cleo by Stephen Faria/Actors’ Studio of Newburyport
Nesting by Karmo Sanders/Holland Productions
Sugar Glider by William Donnelly/Battleground State
The Pre-Nup by Marisa Smith/Foothills Theatre
Be the Hunter by Tom Coash/Fort Point Theatre Channel
When No One Comes Calling by George Spelvin/Rough & Tumble
The Great Mail Robbery by Jeanne Beckwith/Shakespeare & Co.
Close Your Eyes by Erin Striff/Boston Actors Theater
Sur La Maison by Michael J. Grady/Elemental Theatre Collective
No Skating by Dana Biscotti Myskowski/Actors’ Shakespeare Project
The Sweep by Gary Garrison/Zeitgeist Stage Company
Waiting for Gretchen by Susan Kosoff/Wheelock Family Theatre
Gwen & Evelyn by Paul H. Goodwin/Blackburn Performing Arts
Mikey D. by John Shea/Orfeo Group
The Sentry by Michael Tooher/Boston Children’s Theatre
Headbanger by Ronan Noone/New Repertory Theatre
Family First by Regina Eliot-Ramsey/Playwrights’ Platform
If at First… by John Edward O’Brien/Mill 6 Theatre Collaborative
Gone by Ed Bullins/Roxbury Crossroads Theatre
Trofimov, A Student by William Orem/Image Theater
Not Funny by Christopher Lockheardt/Metro Stage Company
Class Act, Version 379 by Holly L. Jensen/Turtle Lane Playhouse
Boundless as the Sea by Susan Thompson/Pilgrim Theatre
Perspective by Peter M. Floyd/Forty Magnolias Productions
Abraham and Sarah by Alan Brody/Underground Railway Theater
Importees by Dana Yeaton/Riverside Theatre Works
Laying the Smack Down in Cambridge by Jonathan Busch/Lyric Stage
Nine Lives by Danielle Slepian/Apollinaire Theatre Company
Sarasota by Melinda Lopez/Publick Theatre
What Strong Fences Make by Israel Horovitz/Barefoot Theatre and GSC
Talkback by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon X

Sick Day by George Spelvin/Rough & Tumble
Cards by Theresa Rebeck/Lyric Stage
All Souls’ Day by Christine Evans/Stoneham Theatre
All About Christmas Eve by John Kuntz/Huntington Theatre Company
Client #1 by R. D. Murphy/Underground Railway Theater
Shortcuts by Christopher King/Playwrights’ Platform
Orangecrush by Wesley Savick/National Theatre of Allston
Smile by Nina Mansfield/Wellesley Summer Theatre
Nola by Rick Park/Zeitgeist Stage Company
Novices by Monica Raymond/Actors’ Shakespeare Project
Games and Puzzles by Gail Phaneuf/Image Theatre Company
Black Ops by William Donnelly/Industrial Theatre Company
Testimonial by Jack Rushen/Way Theatre Artists
Outed by Payne Ratner/Foothills Theatre
Do you see the Gorilla? by Alan Brody/New Repertory Theatre
Rocks by Lydia Diamond/Village Theatre Project
Stick and Move by Greg Lam/11:11 Theatre Company
Property of Africa by Erik Christian Hanson/Riverside Theatre Works
Eggs, Toast, Coffee by Ron Fromstein/Publick Theatre
Cigarette Boy by Hortense Gerardo/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Verticals and Horizontals by Gary Garrison/3 Monkeys Theatrical Productions
An Arm and a Leg by David L. Meth/Boston University School of Theatre
The New World by Vladimir Zelevinsky/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Safe by James Mclindon/Salem Theatre Company
Poor Shem by Gregory Hischak/Theatre on Fire
Cabman by William Orem/Gurnet Theatre Project
Counting Rita by Patrick Gabridge/Mill 6 Theatre Collaborative
The Last Call by Deirdre Girard/SouthCity Theatre Company
First Time for Everything by John Shanhan/Another Country Productions
Eggs by Ronan Noon/The Vineyard Playhouse
Whistling in the Dark by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro/Nora Theatre Co.
Pepe Domido by Tony Howarth/Boston College Dept. of Theatre
Late Night in August in the Wellfleet Woods by Dina Harris/Spontaneous Theatre Project
Shower by Jeremy Goldstein/Apollinaire Theatre Company
Benji 53 by Leslie Harrell Dillen/West End Theater
Sex for a Change by Robert Brustein/American Repertory Theatre
The Woman You Deserve by Janet Kenney/Centastage
One in a Million by Susan Kosoff/Wheelock Family Theatre
Open House by Michael J. Grady/Our Place Theatre Project
Soldier Boy by Leslie Powell/Metro Stage Company
Sub-prime by Ed Bullins/Boston Theatre Works
Helluva Poker Face by Christopher Lockheardt/Hovey Players
Frabjous Day by April Ranger/Emerson Stage
Take Two by Deborah Fortson/Shadow Boxing Theatre Workshop
Fight Test by Georgia Lyman and Angie Jepson/Orfeo Group
Break It Down by John Oluwole Adekoje/Company One
The Depth of Perception by Katherine Roscher/Turtle Lane Playhouse
Hero and Leander by Alison Potoma/North Shore Music Theatre
Beirut Rocks by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company in collaboration with Barefoot Theatre
A Grand Scheme by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon IX

Sheeet by Ronan Noone/New Repertory Theatre
Ranch on the Run by Paul Kahn/QE2 Players
It’s Just the Wind by Jan Donley/Hovey Players
Einstein + the Angels by Laura Harrington/Publick Theatre
Storm on Storm by Gary Garrison/Out of the Blue Theater Company
Not on my Watch by David Schrag/Devanaughn Theatre Company
Maker’s Mark by Alexandra Bullen/Three Monkeys Theatrical Productions
Chris Squared by Drew Sachs/Riverside Theatre Works
A Tuesday Affair by Alison Potoma/Salem Theatre Company
A Modern Romance by Michele Markarian/Our Place Theatre Project
The Get-Together by William Clack/North Shore Music Theatre
Firedrill by George Spelvin/Rough & Tumble
Birthday Wishes by John Kern/Wellesley Summer Theatre
Traded In by Brent Askari/Portland Stage Company
Twenty Years by Candace Perry/Way Theatre Artists
Bugspray by Jeremy Goldstein/TheatreZone
Cally’s Side by Pat Hegnauer/Boston College Dept. of Theatre
Victorian Ladies by Robert Bonotto/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Bigfoot Dreams by Nathan Warren Lane/11:11 Theatre Company
Comfort Measures by Christopher King/Playwrights’ Platform
Ritz Rendezvous by Gregory D’Angelo/Stoneham Theatre
Lie to Me by Christopher Lockheardt/Industrial Theatre Company
My Name is Art by Peter Snoad/Pilgrim Theatre & Performance Collaborative
Big Ass Billy Bass by Steven Bogart/SouthCity Theatre Company
The Polish Pictures by Monica Bauer/Mill 6 Theatre Collaborative
Wake up Call by Matt Chapuran/Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Moon Man by Jami Brandli/Alarm Clock Theatre Company
Enter William Shakespeare by Robert Brustein/American Repertory Theatre in collaboration with Suffolk University Theatre Dept.
The Trophy by Jacob Strautmann/Foothills Theatre
Ryan and Daisy on a Collegiate Afternoon by Kirsten Greenidge/Company One
Mitch’s Blues by Ed Bullins/TYG Productions
Vas Deferens by Andrew Clarke/National Theatre of Allston
Enough by David White/Boston University School of Theatre
A Visit by Brian Tuttle/Wheelock Family Theatre
Theseus by Alan Brody/Underground Railway Theatre
Tennis Club by Leslie Epstein/West End Theatre Company
The Red and the Blue by Leslie Harrell Dillen/Lyric Stage
Say No More by Michael Kimball/Zeitgeist Stage Company
Xanadu by John Kuntz/Metro Stage Company
Butterflies by Ken Brisbois/Village Theatre Project
The Cubic Root of Two by George Matry Masselam/Turtle Lane Playhouse
Last Requests by Matt Mosher/Boston Theatre Works
The River by Richard Schotter/Shadow Boxing Theatre Workshop
Neon Jungle by Alex Davidson/Wellfleet Harbor Actors’ Theatre
Hijab by Monica Raymond/Huntington Theatre Company
Farewell and Adieu by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre
That Thing by John Shanahan/Image Theatre Company
Milk by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro/Nora Theatre Co.
Not my Real Mother by Joyce Van Dyke/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Man Walks into a Bar by Lonnie Farmer/Centastage
The Audition Play by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company in collaboration with Barefoot Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon VIII

Mal Canto by Robert Bonotto/North Shore Music Theatre
Things Have Changed by Greg Lam/Centastage
Weight by Janet Kenney/Stoneham Theatre
The Tree Thing by David Ervin/Mill 6 Theatre Collaborative
Kickass Librarian by Jason Wilkins/Portland Stage Company
Black Irish by Richard Snee/New Repertory Theatre
Early Dismissal by Vanessa David/Nora Theatre Co.
Drive by John Shea/Theatre Cooperative
One for the Road by Ed Bullins/Our Place Theatre Project
Fine! by Ted Reinstein/Lyric Stage
Normal by Jami Brandli/Alarm Clock Theatre Company
Oscar by John Kuntz/Pilgrim Theatre & Performance Collaborative
That Slow Inevitable by Daniel Cleary/New Provincetown Players
Thirst by Sean David Bennett/Zeitgeist Stage Company
Miss Marple Attends a Matinee by George Sauer/QE2 Players
Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman by David Rabinow/Shadow Boxing Theatre Workshop
All in a Day’s Work by M. Lynda Robinson/West End Theatre
Bone China by K. Alexa Mavromatis/Actors’ Shakespeare Project
Brain Surgery by Leslie Harrell Dillen/Out of the Blue Theatre Company
Maybe They’re Wrong by Kirsten Greenidge/Company One
Bernard by Lee Rutty/SouthCity Theatre
Full by Bill Doncaster/11:11 Theatre Company
Resurrection by David Kruh/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Huma’s Loom by J. K. Walsh/Boston Theatre Works
Theology Class by Megan Green/Wellesley Summer Theatre
Deep by Matt Mayerchak/Shakespeare & Co.
For Ellen by Carl Danielson/Wheelock Family Theatre
Men and the Moon by Steven Bogart/3 Monkeys Theatrical Productions
Our Dear Dad by Brody Lipton/Hovey Players
American Terrorist by Ernest Thompson/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Zoology by Emily Dendinger/Village Theatre Project
Rusty Got Sprayed! by Larry Coen and Susan Gassett/City Stage Company
Vinny’s Vision by Jim Gordon/Huntington Theatre Company
Martinis, Dry & Bitter by Robert Mattson/Image Theatre Company
Inconsolable by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company
Airport Hell by Robert Brustein/American Repertory Theatre
Bossy and Jelly by Jeremy Goldstein/Metro Stage Company
Belly of the Whale by Jon Lipsky/Vineyard Playhouse
Hinterlands, Season One by George Spelvin/Rough & Tumble
Bobby Came Home by Andrea Kennedy/Publick Theatre
Possibilities by Peter M. Floyd/Foothills Theatre
Brushstroke by John Shanahan/TYG Productions
Agnus Dei by Jim Dalglish/Wellfleet Harbor Actors’ Theatre
Dressed Up Like a Douche by Rick Park/Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Paul & Eddie by Ken Brisbois/Turtle Lane Playhouse
A Ticklish Situation by Christopher King/Playwrights’ Platform
The Sanzibel Putt Putt Rally by Jess Martin/Queer Soup Theater Company
Bourbon & Cheesecake by Bruce Ward/Another Country Productions
Stop Rain by Patrick Gabridge/Underground Railway Theater
She’s Fabulous by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon VII

In the Wake of the Horsemen by Hortense Gerardo/Playwrights’ Platform
High Noon by Adam Szymkowicz/Portland Stage Company
The Earring by Joyce Van Dyke/ New Repertory Theatre
The Interrogation by Ted Reinstein/Lyric Stage
Bar Stool by John Shea/Actors’ Shakespeare Project
Miss Betty in Her Hour of Need by Amy Merrill/Wellesley Summer Theatre
Breakfast with Harvey by Andrew Clarke/Centastage
The Other Ocean by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro/Publick Theatre
Beacham’s Last Poetry Reading by Robert Brustein/ART
What Happens in Vegas by Christopher Lockheardt/Zeitgeist Stage Company
October by Ginger Lazarus/Queer Soup Theater
Lifelike 2 by William Cunningham/North Shore Music Theatre
The Flood by David Splinter/CityWorks Theatre Company
Scrabble in Babel by Michael Grady/TheatreZone
The End of Our Street by Kirsten Greenidge/Company One
The Amazing Adventures of Captain Normal by Joshua Rollins/Súgán Theatre Company
I am 16, Going on 70 by Peter Zachari/Summer Theatre at Salem
Sorry by Candace Perry/Wheelock Family Theatre
Blind Tasting by Erik Sherman/Perishable Theatre
Single Lives by Sinan Ünel/Boston Theatre Works
The Lemonade Stand at the End of the Earth by R. Brad Smith/Shadowboxing
Beautiful Fools by Caitlin Mitchell/Theater Offensive
Gus Penelope Syberson by Peter Shelburne/Theatre Cooperative
The Place We Met by Frank Shefton/New African Company
Lean Love City by Dan Blask/Provincetown Theatre Company
Making Music by Alison Potoma/Up You Mighty Race Perf. Arts Co.
Summertime by John Andert/Village Theatre Project
Mondays and Other Days by Rough & Tumble
Flight by Patrick Gabridge/Out of the Blue Theater
The Fat Guy Gets the Girl by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company
He Looks Like a Burrito by Rebecca Saunders/SouthCity Theatre
Black Caesar by Ed Bullins/Our Place Theatre Project
Just the Two of Us by Tug Yourgrau/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
The Story of an Hour (An Opera) by Elizabeth Ellor and Stan Hoffman/Raven Theatrical
Clam & Hershel Go to Market by Crystal Gomes/Mill 6 Theatre Collaborative
The Wilsons by John Michael Manship/Devanaughn Theatre
The Playground by Michael Collins/Turtle Lane Playhouse
The Angry Red Planet by Tom Doyle/11:11 Productions
Crazy Horse by Zachariah Wieler/Stoneham Theatre
Sylvia Angell’s Driving Test by Kathleen Rogers/QE2 Players
Ted’s Head by Charles Evered/Huntington Theatre Company
The Space Beside Me by Janet Kenney/Coyote Theatre
Kix by John Kuntz/Nora Theatre Co.
Famous-small “f” by Robert Mattson/Foothills Theatre
Deprivation Diary by William Donnelly/Industrial Theatre
The Missing Bagel Factor by Dana Yeaton/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Decoding Fruit by Molly Smith Metzler/Underground Railway Theater
The Rewrite by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre
Walking the Volcano by Jon Lipsky/Vineyard Playhouse
The Spot by Richard Schotter/Jewish Theatre of New England

Boston Theater Marathon VI

A Play on Words by Ruth Housman/Portland Stage Company
Communication by Glenn Clifton/Underground Railway Theater
Their Life in the Car by William Donnelly/Industrial Theatre Company
Love Jones by John Adekoje/New African Company
Mister Perfect by Kathleen Rogers/Nora Theatre Co.
Cantaloupe Girlfriend by John Kuntz/Theater Offensive
Abandon Hope All Ye Who Log In by Dan Blask/Coyote Theatre Company
Solomon, A Life by Shawn Sturnick/Foothills Theatre
Mosquitoes by George Sauer/Emerson Stage Company
Spaces by Ed Bullins/Our Place Theatre Company
Driving by George Spelvin/Rough & Tumble
Absolute Zero Content by Ted Cormey/Provincetown Theatre Company
Life, Love and a 7-11 by Lindsay Joy/Company One
Billie by Dennis Porter/T.K. Productions
Chicken by Ben Spiro/North Shore Music Theatre
Cocktails by Tom Doyle/Perishable Theatre
The Most Important Thing by Monica Bauer/Commonwealth Shakespeare
The Rise of Hally by Patrick Vogelpohl/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Den of Iniquity by Patrick Gabridge/Out of the Blue Theater
Home by Michael Murray/New Repertory Theatre
Santer-Baby by Rick Park/Centastage
The Life You Save by Laura Harrington/Pilgrim Research and Performance Collaborative
With Improvements by the Actors by Ann Marie Shea/Shakespeare & Co.
Annie and Issie by Alan Brody/Theatre Cooperative
Next October by Greg Lam/Theatre Dept. of Suffolk University
Playtime by Kent R. Brown/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Random Selection by Gail Phaneuf/Playwrights’ Platform
Sunday Night Confessions by Robert Mattson/Huntington Theatre Company
The Drum by Jon Lipsky/Vineyard Playhouse
Roast Beef and the Rare Kiss by Gregory Fletcher/Boston College Theatre
The Lady and the Maid by Susanna Ralli/Wellesley Summer Theatre
Order Up! by Miranda Hope/Raven Theatrical
What Else Should I Bring? by Kathryn Zaniboni/Publick Theatre
Chickenworks by Joe Byers/Zeitgeist Stage Company
Arnold Nawrocki is Dead by David Kruh/Súgán Theatre Company
Joan and Michael on Cisco Beach by Kirsten Greenidge/Boston Theatre Works
Sir and the ASM by Carl A. Rossi/QE2 Players
Cat Lady by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company
SWF Seeks WMD by Ted Reinstein/Lyric Stage
I Love You Virus by Tom Grady/Jewish Theatre of New England
Keeper of the Curse by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre
Ma in Her Kerchief by Janet Kenney/Wheelock Family Theatre
Spa Reservations by Kelly Dumar/Mugford Street Players
Amphibians by Tim Sawicki/Stoneham Theatre
Terrorist Skit by Robert Brustein/American Repertory Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon V

The Ornithologist’s Mother by Jake Strautmann/Bridge Theatre Company
Eckstein & Sons by Alan Brody/ Underground Railway Theatre
The Ten Minute Dad by Dana Yeaton/Pilgrim Theatre & Performance Collaborative
Noise by Robert Brustein/American Repertory Theatre
The Great Audience Rebellion by Michael Hammond/Shakespeare & Company
For the Team by Dean O’Donnell/Centastage
P-Town X-Mas. ’99 by Carl A. Rossi/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
So Fine Dining by Zachary L. Shrier/Portland Stage Company
Heartbeat by Lisa Seymour-Terry/New Repertory Theatre
Sex Education by Jerry Bisantz/Playwrights’ Platform
Clare Danes Poster by Tom Berry/Boston Theatre Works
Intimate Apparel by William Cunningham/Boston Conservatory
The Doorway by Ed Bullins/Company One
Instant Karma by Susanna Ralli/Perishable Theatre
The Prophet’s Wife by Sinan Ünel/Sandra Feinstein Gamm
Your Better Butch Fashion by Margaret Broucek/Lyric Stage
The Test by Paula J. Caplan/New African Company
Montana Shots by Leslie Dillen/Theatre Cooperative
The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll by Richard Schotter/Jewish Theatre of New England
The Actress by Theresa Rebeck/Huntington Theatre Company
Samuel, How You’ve Changed by Melanie Yergeau/QE2 Players
And Then by Vladimir Zelevinsky/MIT Theatre Art
Animal Parade by Sarah Moon/Industrial Theatre
A Closet Flung Wide Ope’ by Shawn Sturnick/Foothills Theatre
Ballast by Kathleen Rogers/Wellesley Summer Theatre
Man’s Best Friend by Steven Maistros/Provincetown Theatre Company
A Mother’s Love by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage and Barefoot Theatre
Dream of Jeannie By-The-Door by David Valdes Greenwood/Out of the Blue Theater
Smaller by Jesse Kellerman/Stoneham Theatre
Grip by Kirsten Greenidge/Our Place Theatre Company
You Know Why You’re Here by George Spelvin/Rough & Tumble
A Raft Made of Grass by Bill Lattanzi/Brandeis Theatre
Ethics of the Profession by Paul Kahn/Publick Theatre
Happy Daughter by Greg Lam/Raven Theatrical
Hit Me by Patrick J. Cleary/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Skateboards by Norman Lasca/Nora Theatre Co.
Holler Song by Linda Button/Emerson Stage
Date Night by Glen Doyle/C. Walsh Theatre
Girl in the Basement by Jon Lipsky/Vineyard Playhouse
Flushed by Joshua Scher/Next Stages
Pop!—The Musical by Sara Adelman and Dan Ring/North Shore Music Theatre
Adopt A Sailor by Charles Evered/Wheelock Family Theatre
Smurf by John Kuntz/Coyote Theatre
Ten-Minute Clinic by John Edward O’Brien/Zeitgeist Stage Company
Amereka by Ronan Noone/Súgán Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon IV

Anchorbimbo by Robert Brustein/A.R.T.
No, They’re Talkin’ About They Discovered a Black Hole… by Norman Lasca/Brandeis Theatre
More Than What by Janet Kenney/Coyote Theatre
Cornrockets by Todd Hearon/Bridge Theatre
Flip by William Donnelly/Portland Stage
Mother and Me and the Deep Blue Yonder by Carol Korty/Wellesley Summer Theatre
The Red Squirrel by George Sauer/Centastage
The Greatest Singer in the World by Alan Brody/Pilgrim Coop.
Designated Wicca by Anya Weber/Pet Brick Productions
A New Kind of Love by M. Lynda Robinson/Gordon College Theatre
The Lakshmi Impulse by Michael Hammond/Shakespeare & Co.
Lullaby by G. L. Horton and Robert Bonotto/Emerson Stage
Elbowless by Melanie Yergeau/Industrial Theatre
Sunday Morning by Susan Leonard/Hartford Stage
Friedrichwilhelmhohenzollernstrasse by Jeffrey Bush/Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Dear Nel by Deborah Lake Fortson/T.K. Productions
The Mutton Bandit Molloy by Ronan Noone/QE2 Players
Last Rites by Jon Lipsky/Vineyard Playhouse
Foul Play by Ry Herman/Perishable Theatre
Jacob & the Scarecrow by Jake Strautmann/Stoneham Theatre
You by Frank A. Shefton/Our Place Theatre Project
Romance 101 by Jerry Bisantz/Playwrights’ Platform
Universal Soldier by Laura Harrington/Nora Theatre Co.
Lights! Camera! Blah! by Rough & Tumble
What They Cast Down by Andy Mitton/Mad Horse Theatre
Diamond by Lisa Seymour-Terry/Zeitgeist Stage Company
The Mystery of Worcestershire Manor by John Kuntz/Commonwealth Shakespeare
Leftovers by Sandra Jaffe/Jewish Theatre of New England
Insomnia by Patrick Gabridge/Out of the Blue Productions
Get Out of My American Way by Patrick K. Brennan/TheatreZone
Outside the Box by Matt Mayerchak/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Mal de Mer by Leslie Epstein/Súgán Theatre
Carver Community Theatre Presents ‘Cats on a Hot Tin Roof’ by Julie Phillips/New Repertory Theatre
Ten Minutes Older by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage
House/Wife by Kathleen Rogers/Underground Railway Theatre
The Two-Fifteen Local by Melinda Lopez/Publick Theatre
Miracle of Zhen-Zhen by Linda Button/Foothills Theatre
Lenin Lives! by Vladimir Zelevinsky/NewGate Theatre
That Day by Ed Bullins/New African Theatre
Til Death Do Us Part by Jesse Kellerman/Wellfleet Harbor Actors’ Theatre
Homer Falls by Tug Yourgrau/Raven Theatrical
A Boy and His Ball by David Rabinow/C. Walsh Theatre
The Monkey King by Dan Hunter/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Gone Stone Cold by Susanna Ralli/Wheelock Family Theatre
That’s Our Mary! by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre
The Pitch by Greg Lam/Company One
Art Appreciation by Theresa Rebeck/Lyric Stage
What Will I Do When You’re Gone? by Neal Bell/Market Theatre
Kansas by Matthew Dryden Roland/Boston Theatre Works
Good Buy/Goodbye by Bill Lattanzi/Huntington Theatre Company

Boston Theater Marathon III

Three-Peat by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre
When the Dead Woman Speaks by Susanna Ralli/Huntington Theatre Company
Empties by Matt Mayerchak/Emerson Stage
After Shabbos by Barry Brodsky/Playwrights’ Platform/JTNE
Critics’ Circle by Kate Snodgrass/Súgán Theatre Co.
Just Driving… by Lois Roach/Brandeis Theatre
Cafe Corvidae by Susan Dibble/Andy’s Summer Playhouse
Sitting Shivah by Alan Brody/Underground Railway Theatre
Born Again Virgin by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro and Barbara Blatner/Nora Theatre Co.
Sleeping with the Enemy by Michael Hammond/Shakespeare & Co.
Tiny Dreams by Kathleen Rogers/Centastage
Three Hots and a Cot by Mary F. Lawler/Commonwealth Shakespeare
Neighbors by William Donnelly/Industrial Theatre Co.
Right Next Door by William Cunningham/Lyric West
As the World Turns by Howard Zinn/Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre
Roger G. by Bruce Ward/TheatreZone
Claude and Claudette by John Andert/Pilgrim Theatre & Performance Collaborative
Divestiture by Robert Brustein/American Repertory Theatre
Dost Pity Me/Withpett? by Larry Blamire/Beau Jest Moving Theatre
Josephina by Theresa Rebeck/Hartford Stage Company
May Day by Tug Yourgrau/QE2 Players
The Vestigial Twin by Margaret Ann Brady/Theater Offensive
Three Tea Cups by Bevan Lew/Raven Theatrical
Day Eight: Snow Globe by David Valdes Greenwood/Perishable Theatre
Internal Medicine by Dan Hunter/Providence Black Repertory Theatre
Gentlemen Husbandry by Donna Sorbello/Lyric Stage/Publick Theatre
In the Grain by Aidan Parkinson/Coyote Theatre Co.
Ordinary Guy by John Kuntz/New Repertory Theatre
First Blood by Linda Button/Foothills Theatre
Flying Above the Clouds by Jon Lipsky/Vineyard Playhouse
No Cigar by John Shea/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Some Kind of Certainty by Jonathan Vogels/Wheelock Family Theatre
Hip Hop Hebe by Leslie Epstein/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
50 Years of Caddying by Israel Horovitz/ASF/Gloucester Stage
The Heart of an Emperor by Laura Harrington/Boston Theatre Works
Blah! Blah! by George Spelvin/Rough & Tumble
(Meeting (exes) Meeting) by Boo Killebrew and Jordan Seavey/BTC
Nobody Knows Anything by Bill Lattanzi/NewGate Theatre Co.
A Ten-Minute Play by Ed Bullins/New African Co.
Cinderella & the Fuzzy Slippers by Ajemian and Newcomb/Wellesley Summer Theatre

Boston Theater Marathon II

Great Outdoors by Matt Mayerchak/Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Benita’s Choice by Lois Roach/New Theatre
Love is the Law by Leslie Harrell Dillen/Wellesley Summer Theatre
What the Market Will Bear by Melinda Lopez/SpeakEasy Stage Company
The First Day by Theresa Rebeck/Boston Theatre Works
Divorce Ribs by William Donnelly/Industrial Theatre
Eggs Over Albuquerque by Andy Mitton/Actors’ Workshop
Sam Spade by Bill Lattanzi/Brandeis Theatre
Silk by Lisa Seymour-Terry/New African Company
Men in Heat by Dana Yeaton/Emerson Stage
Beyond Measure by G. L. Horton/FireDog Theatre
Arrhythmia by Ginger Lazarus/Centastage
A Peck of Dust by Sinan Ünel/Feinstein-Gamm
Allergic Reaction by Susanna Ralli/Threshold Theatre
A Russian Tea Party by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro/Underground Railway Theatre
Y2-Krack’d by Jerry Bisantz/Playwrights’ Platform
Spacemaker by Joshua White/Lyric West
A Dog’s Life by Michael Hammond/Shakespeare & Co.
On the Menu at this Restaurant by Brandon Toropov/Theatrics!
The News by Aidan Parkinson/Poets’ Theatre
Debt by Janet Kenney/Súgán Theatre Co.
The Duke by Richard Schotter/American Stage Festival
Chekhov on Ice by Robert Brustein/A.R.T.
Work Makes One Free by Andrew Clarke/Mad Horse
Do-It-Yourselfers by William Cunningham/New Repertory Theatre
Woozey Woo! by Robert Macadaeg/ZeroPoint Productions
Peanuts by Tug Yourgrau/Second Stage Theatre
After the Apocalypse by Jon Lipsky/Vineyard Playhouse
Sure Shot by John Shea/NewGate Theatre
Moses by Alan Brody/African Rep.
The Brave by Jim Dalglish/Provincetown Theatre Co.
My Name is Leslie by Larry Blamire/Beau Jest
Y2K and Warm Milk by M. Lynda Robinson/Wheelock Family Theatre
Dress Right by Laura Harrington/Nora Theatre Co.
The Nubian Coronation Prologue by Ed Bullins/BPT
Claire by John Kuntz/Huntington Theatre Company
Alternative Lifestyles by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre
The Three-Legged Dog by Talaya Delaney/Coyote Theatre
Art Girl vs. The Phyllis Stein by Cyndi Freeman/Lyric Stage/Publick Theatre
The Great Labor Day Classic by Israel Horowitz/North Shore and GSC

Boston Theater Marathon I

Flag Girls by Laura Harrington/Wellesley Summer Theatre
The Yellow Bus by Leslie Epstein/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Testimony by William Donnelly/Merrimack Repertory Theatre
A Hotel Room In Cleveland by Alan Brody/SpeakEasy Stage Company
Equal. Separate. by Michael Bettencourt/Lyric Stage/Publick Theatre
Managed Care by William Cunningham/Mad Horse Theatre Co.
Twelve Forty by Barry Brodsky/Playwrights’ Platform
Room 69 by Bruce Ward/Coyote Theatre Co.
Mirror Man by Dan Hunter/American Stage Festival
Grassy Knoll by Barbara Blatner/Emerson Stage
Men are from… by M. Lynda Robinson/Lyric West
The Lesson by Melinda Lopez/Shakespeare & Co.
Fortunas by Talaya Delaney/Foothills Theatre
France by Bill Lattanzi/Rough & Tumble
Dodge by David Mamet/Theatrics!
Chance Of Your Life by Brandon Toropov/Portland Stage Co.
Poker Face by Robert Brustein/A.R.T.
Amsterdam by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro/Nora Theatre Co.
The Mistake by Jon Lipsky/Vineyard Playhouse
Taking Root by Chapin Garner/Jewish Theatre of NE
Under Lubianka Square by Constance Congdon/Beau Jest
Down by Janet Kenney/Threshold Theatre
Fantasia Fair by Sinan Ünel/New African Company
First, You Howl by David Valdes Greenwood/Theater Offensive
Late Arrival by Theresa Rebeck/New Theatre, Inc.
A Helping Hand by Michael Moss/Wheelock Family Theatre
Shotgun Wedding by Renita Martin/African Rep.
Snow White X by Russell Lees/ZeroPoint Productions
Virgin Territory by Payne Ratner/Súgán Theatre Co.
Benita’s Choice by Lois Roach/Underground Railway Theatre
Danger Zone by Amy Merrill/Hasty Pudding
8-Minute Marathon by Ed Bullins/Centastage
Enough by Andy Mitton/Actors Workshop Theatre
Midlife by Tug Yourgrau/Boston Theatre Works
Peas by Aidan Parkinson/FireDog Theatre
Oral Report by Jack Neary/New Repertory Theatre
Speedbag by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage/Theatre Redux
Que Sera, Sera by Katherine Snodgrass/Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
November by Deborah Lake Fortson/Brandeis Theatre
Duet For Shy People by R. Schotter and M. Kosarin/North Shore