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Playwright Beirut Balutis on ‘Dead House’

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Playwright Beirut Balutis

Award-winning playwright, educator, and Visiting Professor of Playwriting Gary Garrison talks with MFA playwright Beirut Balutis about the inspiration behind Dead House.

Gary: You’ve written about a very specific part of high school: athletics and particularly, football. What’s your connection, if any, to high school football?

Beirut: Football was a big ritual in my area. In a place that is very rural, football was the weekly ramp up. If you were anyone you’d watch the high school games and afterwards go to the bonfire the church across the street held. Even if you didn’t watch the game—the social aspect of being at a game was important. My school had these grass hills around the field; kids would lay blankets out to socialize and gossip. My mother is a big inspiration for this play. She’s the football person in our family—every game, every Super Bowl, she’s watching. More

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre Concludes Season of New Plays With ‘Dead House’

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The Boston theater community is enriched by the presence of Boston Playwrights' Theatre, founded in 1981 at Boston University by Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott. The BU New Play Initiative is an element of the Boston University College of Fine Arts which fosters a commitment to the School of Theatre's development of new work. Together, BPT and NPI are producing the final entry in the 2018-2019 season of new plays, Dead House by Beirut Balutis, a member of the BU M.F.A. Playwriting Program, class of 2019. M.F.A. directing candidate Adam Kassim (The Honey Trap, 2017) returns to BPT to direct this new drama.

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Poster for ‘Dead House’

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Performances of Dead House start tonight, with Pay-What-You-Can Previews (min. $10) on 4/18 and 4/19! Tickets