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BPT on the Wang Theatre marquee

April 12th, 2016 in ArtWeek, Blog, Boston Theater Marathon XVIII, new plays, short plays


Here’s our name in lights, along with some of our fellow ArtWeek Boston partners. We are thrilled that Boston Theater Marathon XVIII is part of this incredible event! Tickets


BTM XVIII part of ArtWeek!

April 4th, 2016 in Blog, Boston Theater Marathon XVIII, new plays, short plays

AW Logo - TRANSPARENT 2We are so excited that Boston Theater Marathon XVIII is part of ArtWeek Boston! ArtWeek is a twice-annual festival spanning ten days that features unexpected and creative experiences throughout eastern Massachusetts. ArtWeek events are unique opportunities that are interactive or offer behind-the-scenes access to artists or the creative process.

Read more about the history of the Boston Theater Marathon and check out the list of plays and playwrights in BTM XVIII here. are already on sale! Save $10—tickets are $25 now and will be $35 at the door—by buying early. As always, net proceeds support the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund.

Plays and playwrights of BTM XVIII

March 9th, 2016 in Alums, Blog, Boston Theater Marathon XVIII, new plays, short plays





Ray Arsenault, Healing the Heart

Jeanne Beckwith, Speaking of Dead Mice

Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, The Faint Taste of Cat Food and Sour Milk

Jami Brandli, Epic Love

Alan Brody, Grief

Robert Brustein, What to Tell a Telemarketer

Lisa Cocciardi, Beyond

Constance Congdon, Present Midnight

Sean Crawford, The Golden Dragon

Brandon M. Crose, Grandmother Time

Gino DiIorio, Blue Tent

William Donnelly, Visiting Hours

Charles Draghi, Blackbeard

Stephen Faria, Going Up

Teresa Fisher, It’s a Test

Chris Flaherty, Train Coming

Peter M. Floyd, Evolution

Patrick Gabridge, Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Jonathan Garlick, What to Tell a Telemarketer

Gary Garrison, Too Quick A Pick

Elizabeth Gordon, Splat

Marc Harpin, Six Girls Who’ve Been Told That They’re Pretty

Israel Horovitz, The New Girl

David L. Hudacek, I Woke Up in a Sam Shepard Play

Lila Rose Kaplan, Panda Porn

Wendy Kesselman, The Shell Collection

Terrence Kidd, When a Body Meets a Body

John J King, Roundabout

Christopher Lockheardt, Before or After

Susan Lombardi-Verticelli, The Donation

Matthew Macca, Spread the Love

Jeni Mahoney, Chuck Roast Toast

James McLindon, I Don’t Know

Charlotte Meehan, This is Marriage

John Minigan, A Monogamy of Swans

Jack Neary, Ideologues

Samantha Noble, The Drink

Ronan Noone, A Cup of Tea

Ellen O’Brien, Phenom

Rick Park, Space Saver

Alexander Platt, Mercy Me

Dennis Porter, Lost and Found

Theresa Rebeck, Real

Jack Rushton, Finding Zeus

Cassie M. Seinuk, Playing Checkers

Anne Shackleford, Swipe Right

Marisa Smith, No Love, Please

Donna Sorbello, Lost, in Transit

Monica Staaf, Security

Ellen Davis Sullivan, The Fruit Salad of Shame

David Susman, The Last Laugh

Lewis D. Wheeler, The Donation


Don't miss Boston Theater Marathon XVIII on Sunday, May 8! Tickets

Be a reader for BTM18!

December 15th, 2015 in Blog, Boston Playwrights' Theatre, Boston Theater Marathon XVIII, new plays, short plays


Yep—it's that time of year again! Readers, play packets for Boston Theater Marathon XVIII are waiting for you in our foyer. Come and get 'em! The lobby will be open until at 4 p.m. Monday-Friday until Dec. 22nd; scripts and scores are due back to us on or before Friday, Jan. 15th.