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Thank you to everyone involved in BTM XVIII!!!

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Thank you to everyone who donated time and talents to help make Boston Theater Marathon XVIII a success! Whether you were on the stage, in the audience—or somewhere in between—such a day would not be possible without YOU. BPT appreciates you, and so does TCBF!

See you next year!

BTM XVIII is today!

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Lobby posters ready to go

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The Boston Theater Marathon XVIII lobby posters, ready to make the journey to the Calderwood Pavilion last week. I missed getting a photo of Matt before he left to make the delivery, but here he is last year in case you need a visual. Tradition!

Voices of BTM XVIII: John Minigan

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Tell us a little bit about your play.

A Monogamy of Swans is a comedy about a broken romance between two women, and how the swans in Boston’s Public Garden help put things back together for them. I’m particularly excited for it to be in the Marathon because I love the idea of telling a “Boston story” at the event—none of my previous Marathon shows have been set specifically in the city.

What made you want to tell this story?

One day last summer, my son and I went canoeing. We kept paddling past swans, and we couldn’t figure out if we were seeing the same swans over and over or if there were just a lot of them. It occurred to me that the idea (myth, really) that swans are monogamous might come from the fact that they all look the same to us and because, deep down, we want to believe they are. And that got me thinking about the narratives we construct for ourselves about how and why we love the people we love.

What's next for you as a playwright?

I’m looking forward to continuing work on The Queen of Sad Mischance, a full-length I started writing a year ago, and also excited that a producer is planning several evenings of backers’ readings in NYC for another full-length. Mostly though, I’m looking forward to a summer of writing after a busy year teaching and directing.

What are you most looking forward to on Boston Theater Marathon day?

I love the sense of shared celebration all day, and I come away mega-inspired to keep writing. Last year, I saw all 50 shows and I’m sad I’ll miss the early sessions this year because of a set strike. Maybe somebody can catch me up when I get there?


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Voices of BTM XVIII: Jeanne Beckwith

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Tell us a little bit about your play.

Speaking of Dead Mice is mostly about keeping faith with difficult friends. We have them in life and it speaks well of humanity that we don’t desert them.

What made you want to tell this story?

I reached up for a box of cereal one morning, and something was just not right about the feel of it. I realized pretty quickly that there was a critter in it. I went to the back door and dumped whatever was in it out. It was a mouse, and for a moment it lay there, stunned I expect, then scurried off for the open road. I found myself grateful it had not died, that I had not poured it into my bowl, that of all the dead mice I have encountered this one lived—anyway, it gave me a “line” that stuck in my mind, and everything else grew from there. Sometimes it happens that way.

What's next for you as a playwright?

I am working on a new play with music—not a musical, but a play with music, called Rodeo Gals. It’s different from my usual fare, and my husband is writing the songs. We’ve not collaborated like this before, and it’s great fun. I also have a reading coming up of my play, Shot in Baghdad, so I’m keeping busy.

What are you most looking forward to on Boston Theater Marathon day?

Seeing all the wonderful plays! I try to see as many as I can. It has been incredible to me, that so many minds can work in such diverse ways. I haven’t been for a while, so I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.


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BTM XVIII’s Warm-Up Laps

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Boston Theater Marathon Weekend kicks off on Saturday, May 7 with the Warm-Up Laps—readings of three full-length plays—presented in collaboration with the Boston Center for the Arts' resident theatres in the BCA’s Deane Rehearsal Hall. The readings are FREE and open to the public.

The Warm-Up Laps include:

12 noon
And Moira Spins
By Kirsten Greenidge

2 p.m.
Lost Tempo
By Cliff Odle

4 p.m.
By Walt McGough


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Voices of BTM XVIII: Samantha Noble

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Tell us a little bit about your play.

It’s a story about a mother and a daughter, and the first drink they’ve shared together in a long time. It’s also about memory, what happens when what we rely on most begins to fail us, and who we want to be to our parents and to ourselves. And it’s a little bit about quantum mechanics.

What made you want to tell this story?

A combination of personal experiences kept bringing me back to the subject matter of the play, foremost among them a close relationship to some really extraordinary women. For a long time I wasn’t sure what the right words were to articulate the idea I kept coming back to. When the words finally happened, this play is what they became. I hope they’re the right ones.

What's next for you as a playwright?

My thesis play for my MFA at BU, Franklin, (centered on Captain Sir John Franklin’s doomed expedition to find the Northwest Passage) is going to be part of the Kennedy Center’s MFA Playwright’s Workshop this July, and then a part of BPT’s upcoming season next spring.


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BTM XVIII Schedule of Plays

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Here is the running order, hour by hour, of plays in next Sunday's (May 8) Boston Theater Marathon XVIII. Make a day of it, bring your Mom, drop by for a few hours—whatever strikes your fancy. Your all-day pass ($25 in advance; $35 the day of the event) allows you to come and go as you please. As always, net proceeds from ticket sales to the BTM benefit the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund, which provides financial support to theatres and theatre artists in times of need. See you there!

12 NOON – 1 PM
No Love, Please by Marisa Smith/Marblehead Little Theatre
Train Coming by Chris Flaherty/Boston Center for American Performance
Swipe Right by Anne Shackleford/Open Theatre Project
Blackbeard by Charles Draghi/The Lyric Stage Company Of Boston
Real by Theresa Rebeck/American Repertory Theater

1-2 PM
The Donation by S. Lombardi-Verticelli & L. D. Wheeler/Actors’ Shakespeare Project
Finding Zeus by Jack Rushton/Pilgrim Theatre Research & Perf. Collaborative
Speaking of Dead Mice by Jeanne Beckwith/Fresh Ink Theatre Company
Going Up by Stephen Faria/Stoneham Theatre
Beyond by Lisa Cocciardi/Hovey Players

2-3 PM
A Drink by Samantha Noble/The Nora Theatre Company
The Last Laugh by David Susman/The Actors Studio of Newburyport
Blue Tent by Gino DiIorio/Fort Point Theatre Channel
Spread the Love by Matthew Macca/Boston Actors Theater
The Shell Collection by Wendy Kesselman/Theatre Espresso

3-4 PM
Lost and Found by Dennis Porter/Off The Grid Theatre Company
Grief by Alan Brody/Firehouse Center for the Arts
Roundabout by John J King/Underground Railway Theater
Healing the Heart by Ray Arsenault/Cohasset Dramatic Club
I Don’t Know by James McLindon/Company One

4-5 PM
It’s a Test by Teresa Fisher/Theatre on Fire
Six Girls Who’ve Been Told…by Marc Harpin/Wellesley Repertory Theatre
I Woke Up in a Sam Shepard Play by David L. Hudacek/Suffolk University Theatre
Visiting Hours by William Donnelly/Battleground State
Splat by Elizabeth Gordon/Happy Medium Theatre

5-6 PM
Mercy Me by Alexander Platt/Anthem Theatre
Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore by Patrick Gabridge/It’s a Fiasco!
The Golden Dragon by Sean Crawford/Image Theater
Panda Porn by Lila Rose Kaplan/Bridge Rep of Boston
Phenom by Ellen O’Brien/SpeakEasy Stage Company

6-7 PM
Before or After by Christopher Lockheardt/Commonwealth Shakespeare Co.
A Monogamy of Swans by John Minigan/Bad Habit Productions
Security by Monica Staaf/Moonbox Productions
Lost, in Transit by Donna Sorbello/Centastage
The Fruit Salad of Shame by Ellen Davis Sullivan/Hub Theatre Company of Boston

7-8 PM
Grandmother Time by Brandon M. Crose/Huntington Theatre Company
Space Saver by Rick Park/Charlestown Working Theatre
Present Midnight by Constance Congdon/New Urban Theatre Lab
What to Tell a Telemarketer by R. Brustein & J. Garlick/New Repertory Theatre
Epic Love by Jami Brandli/Boston College Theatre

8-9 PM
Playing Checkers by Cassie M. Seinuk/Emerson Stage at Emerson College
Evolution by Peter M. Floyd/Imaginary Beasts
The Faint Taste of Cat Food…by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich/Salem Theatre
Chuck Roast Toast by Jeni Mahoney/Northeastern Department Of Theatre
When a Body Meets a Body by Terrence Kidd/Wheelock Family Theatre

9-10 PM
This is Marriage by Charlotte Meehan/Sleeping Weazel
A Cup of Tea by Ronan Noone/Poets’ Theatre
Too Quick A Pick by Gary Garrison/Boston Children’s Theatre
The New Girl by Israel Horovitz/Gloucester Stage Company
Ideologues by Jack Neary/New Century Theatre

Voices of BTM XVIII: Christopher Lockheardt

April 28th, 2016 in Blog, Boston Theater Marathon XVIII, new plays, short plays


Tell us a little bit about your play.

My play, Before or After, drops in on a couple preparing for a night out. What starts out with the woman asking her husband if he liked her better before or after she cut her hair leads them to a sometimes scathing inquisition into whether their true happiness as a couple lies in the future or the past.

The play was first performed last summer by MadLab Theater in Columbus, OH. I was then fortunate enough to have it selected for the next edition of Smith & Kraus’ Best Ten-Minute Plays of the Year and doubly excited to hear it would be included in this year’s BTM.

What made you want to tell this story?

MadLab regularly stages a night of themed ten-minute plays, to which they invite playwrights to submit. Their most recent production revolved around the theme “Before.”

The day I received the call for submission, I began my ride home from work by turning onto Route 3 and turning my attention to this theme. (Like many people, I do my best thinking in the car and in the shower, times when life outside your head is nothing more than blurs and white noise.)

My first thought was “Before what?” And that led me to thinking that no matter what “what” was, it had to involve some sort of change. (One look at a diet pill ad is enough to know that great change always separates “before” from “after.”)

Change is always a fascinating topic for a man who’s been married for 20 years. My wife is as beautiful and lovely as she was when we first married. But the way she is beautiful and the way she is lovely have changed over the years. If I had to choose a point in time to freeze my marriage forever, would I have to catalog these changes and for each one measure my happiness before and after it occurred.

Of course I wouldn’t, because that would be an incredibly hazardous project for any husband to undertake. So, as usual when I am faced with one of life’s great questions that I am far too cowardly to answer, I made up some characters to answer them for me. By the time I reached the Route 495 exit, I had a plot and characters sketched out for my play.

What's next for you as a playwright?

This summer MadLab will be staging my very first full-length production. (At last! I’m a real playwright!) And on the closing weekend of the show, they will be putting on a staged reading of the new full-length play I wrote this winter while laid up after Achilles surgery. (I highly recommend Achilles surgery for any writer desperate for a few months of quiet time.)


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Theatre companies of BTM XVIII

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Actors’ Shakespeare Project

Actors Studio of Newburyport

American Repertory Theater

Anthem Theatre Company

Bad Habit Productions

Battleground State

Boston Actors Theater

Boston Center for American Performance

Boston Children's Theatre

Boston College Theatre

Bridge Rep of Boston


Charlestown Working Theatre

Cohasset Dramatic Club

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

Company One

Emerson Stage

Firehouse Center for the Arts

Fort Point Theatre Channel

Fresh Ink Theatre Company

Gloucester Stage Company

Happy Medium Theatre

Hovey Players

Hub Theatre Company OF Boston

Huntington Theatre Company

Image Theatre

Imaginary Beasts

It's A Fiasco!

Lyric Stage Company of Boston

Marblehead Little Theatre

Moonbox Productions

New Century Theatre

New Repertory Theatre

New Urban Theatre Company

Nora Theatre Company

Northeastern Department of Theatre

Off the Grid Theatre Company

Open Theatre Project

Pilgrim Theatre and Collaborative

Poets’ Theatre

Salem Theatre Company

Sleeping Weazel

SpeakEasy Stage Company

Stoneham Theatre

Suffolk Theatre Company

Theatre Espresso

Theatre on Fire

Underground Railway Theater

Wellesley Summer Theatre

Wheelock Family Theatre


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