Playwrights’ Perspective

Metzler’s ‘The May Queen’

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
July 26th, 2016 in Alums, Blog, Molly Smith Metzler, new plays.


Warm wishes to Molly Smith Metzler and The Cape Playhouse on this opening night of The May Queenwhich runs through Aug. 6!

BPT Pokestop?

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
July 21st, 2016 in Alums, Blog, Boston Playwrights' Theatre.


Playwright alum Colleen Hughes says we’re a pokestop. Should we be afraid?!

Park part of 2017 Boston Project

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
July 14th, 2016 in Alums, Blog, Boston, new plays, Rick Park.


Congratulations to Rick Park (on the left—playwrights Bill Doncaster and Obehi Janice also have work in development through this program), whose proposal for a new play—Knock Down, Drag Out—was accepted as part of SpeakEasy Stage Company’s 2017 Boston Project! Read more about this exciting program here.

Opening night x 2 for Noone

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
July 7th, 2016 in Alums, Blog, Brett Marks, new plays, Ronan Noone.


Happy opening (this weekend) to Ronan Noone and the team of his play The Second Girl at the Contemporary American Theater Festival…


…and to Ronan and our friends at Happy Medium Theatre, who open Brendan next week!

Writers at Play Showcase of New Works

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
June 29th, 2016 in Alums, Blog, Colleen Hughes, Deirdre Girard, John Zakrosky Jr., mfa, Michael Towers, new plays, Peter Floyd.


Writers at Play—a group of alumni playwrights—will host its annual Showcase of New Works right here at BPT on July 11. Come support some outstanding new plays (not to mention outstanding people)! Sample a few scenes from each new play, read by the professional actors who support Writers at Play throughout the early development process. FREE!

After by Peter M. Floyd: One of the few remaining people in a post-apocalyptic world, Parker is convinced that there is a conspiracy afoot among the leaders of the community of survivors. Is she right or is she crazy? How about both?

Shaken by Deirdre Girard: Beth’s been living under an assumed name in rural Vermont, finally finding peace and maybe even love, after fleeing Boston eight years earlier in the wake of her imminent arrest for a horrific crime. But when her sister Jasmine unexpectedly shows up armed with a law degree and breakthrough medical research, the two women begin a journey that explores the nature of truth and justice in a biased world — a journey that will change their relationship forever.

The Travellers by Colleen M. Hughes: Bri is seventeen and desperate for adventure. Her wish seems to be coming true when she meets the Traveller, a mysterious woman who can travel through time. But who is the Traveller, and why does she seem to care if Bri patches up her relationship with her mom? A play about the past, present, and future, what happens when you try to change them — and what happens when time starts to fight back.

The Comfort Kills by Michael Towers: Music has always been Brendan’s salvation but with the death of his father, he is unable to write — a condition which puts additional stress on his marriage. Performing in a local dive bar, Brendan meets an unlikely muse who inspires his music and his healing but drives a wedge between him and his wife.

The Kitchen and the Volcano by John Zakrosky, Jr.: A sister and brother may only have one last phone call together before a volcano erupts, destroying their family’s past.

Snodgrass’s ‘The Last Bark’

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
June 2nd, 2016 in Alums, Blog, Kate Snodgrass, new plays, short plays, Steve Barkhimer.


Happy opening night to our fearless leader Kate Snodgrass and all our friends at Sleeping Weazel, on this opening night of The Birds and the Bees!

Halberstadt takes home Nortie for ‘The Launch Prize’

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
May 25th, 2016 in Alums, awards, Blog, Elliot Norton Awards, MJ Halberstadt, new plays.


Congratulations to playwright alum MJ Halberstadt, who took home the Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding New Script earlier this week for his play The Launch Prize! Read the complete list of recipients here. Hooray everyone!

Thank you to everyone involved in BTM XVIII!!!

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
May 10th, 2016 in Alums, Blog, Boston Theater Marathon XVIII, new plays, short plays.


Thank you to everyone who donated time and talents to help make Boston Theater Marathon XVIII a success! Whether you were on the stage, in the audience—or somewhere in between—such a day would not be possible without YOU. BPT appreciates you, and so does TCBF!

See you next year!

BTM XVIII is today!

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
May 8th, 2016 in Alums, Blog, Boston Theater Marathon XVIII, new plays, short plays.



Greiner-Ferris’s ‘Turtles’

By K. Alexa Mavromatis
May 6th, 2016 in Alums, Blog, John Greiner-Ferris, new plays.


Happy opening night to LA’s Red Cup Theatre Company and Turtles, by alum John Greiner-Ferris! The play runs through May 29.