Black Lives Matter

The staff of Boston Playwrights’ Theatre and faculty from the MFA Playwriting Program at Boston University have drafted a document that articulates the many specific ways we will work to become Anti-Racist, and how current students, alumni, collaborative artists, and our audiences can hold us accountable.  We are addressing bias in our work, education, and theatre culture.

We met on July 21, 2020, with a small group of concerned students and alumni to share our plans. After incorporating their notes, we will offer it to our full cohort of incoming and current students and alumni. We will then make our document available to our audience, supporters, and the public before the fall semester starts at BU: September, 2020.

Thank you for walking with us.

Black Lives Matter.

Darren Evans
Gary Garrison
Melinda Lopez
K. Alexa Mavromatis
Ronán Noone
Jeffrey Petersen
Kate Snodgrass